5 Simple Hacks to Increase Productivity in Small Business


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Do you find yourself doing the same procedures over and over again?  Does it feel like you’re reinventing the wheel every time you start a task or project? What if you could implement simple hacks to increase productivity in your business?

Some of these projects may be quite simple; others more complex. Let’s explore some possibilities:

·         Host a teleseminar or webinar

·         Create a YouTube video using a Powerpoint presentation

·         Record a podcast

·         Invoice clients monthly

·         Follow-up with customers, clients, and network

·         Take the customer through the buying process

For each of these, and many more processes in your business, there are several steps that need to be executed, and missing one or more of them could be the difference between success and collapse.

Do you have systems in place to ensure that these flow smoothly so you increase productivity, or do you have to re-create the process each time? Do you spend hours of frustration of routine tasks or do you have the steps recorded so that you and or your team can execute them easily?

Here are 5 simple systems or hacks to increase productivity in your business. You can put them in place immediately to start using your time more effectively. Continue reading

Entrepreneurs: Big Thinking Is Connected to a Growth Mindset

big thinking connected to a growth mindset

Do you consider yourself a “big thinker”?  How does your big thinking  influence your day to day activities?  For entrepreneurs, big thinking is connected to a growth mindset.  But what is a “growth mindset” and what does that really mean for the entrepreneur or business owner?

Carol Dweck, a professor at Standford University, has been studying mindset and its impact, first on children and in sports, has now extended her studies to its effect on companies.  As a company of one or more, this should be of interest to you as it can influence whether you’re a big thinker or one who always wants to play it safe. Continue reading

How to Start Building Relationships with Other Bloggers

building relationships with other bloggers

There are many strategies to grow the popularity of your blog. One of the most significant things you can do to realize this goal is to start building relationships with other bloggers. It doesn’t matter what your niche is or type of blogger you are, you are part of the larger community of bloggers, often referred to as the blogosphere.

Do not hesitate to build relationships with other bloggers

New bloggers often get intimidated by the thought of building relationships with other bloggers who are much more established in blogging than they are.  Do not hesitate to build relationships. Keep in mind that everyone was a beginner blogger at one point or another. As long as you can demonstrate that your content is of value, and that you’re working at communicating this value through your posts, social media, inbound and outbound links, among others, you should have no problem starting mutually beneficial relationships. Continue reading

Who Is a Mentor? What is Mentoring That Makes It Valuable?

Who is a mentor and what is mentoring

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Many coaches position themselves as both a coach and mentor, as I do.  Recently I was asked about the differences between a mentor and a coach. Since this is a question others may have, I felt a blog post explaining about how I understand the differences would be appropriate. The exact definition appears to be elusive, so you may also find other thoughts on the topic.

Definition of Mentoring

Mentoring is a process through which an individual offers professional expertise as well as support to a less experienced colleague. A mentor serves as a teacher, counselor, and advocate to a protégée. Mentoring results in a mutually beneficial professional relationship over time.

Wikipedia’s definition of mentoring is, “…a process for the informal transmission of knowledge, social capital, and the psychosocial support perceived by the recipient as relevant to work, career, or professional development; mentoring entails informal communication, usually face-to-face and during a sustained period of time, between a person who is perceived to have greater relevant knowledge, wisdom, or experience (the mentor) and a person who is perceived to have less (the protégé).” Continue reading

Your Ideal Client is Waiting for You to Identify Her

identify your ideal client




 If you were to ask twenty entrepreneurs and small business owners, Who is your ideal client? the majority of persons would likely say, Everyone.  Unless someone has been exposed to the concept of developing a clear vision of your ideal client, they usually feel they can serve everyone.

While working in corporate America, my entrepreneurial spirit led me to become a Skin Care and Beauty Consultant, and I loved it!  I loved the product; I loved working with women on a personal level; and I enjoyed the thrill of seeing the difference that great skin care made to a woman’s skin.  However, we were taught that “every woman with skin” was our customer. I believed every woman was my ideal client.

It was not until I came online and enrolled in a training course, I discovered that while I could sell to most women, my ideal client was a 40-65 year old professional woman with specific demographics and psychographics.  Continue reading

How To Deliver Excellent Customer Service Through Your Website

excellent customer service - contact usIs it possible that excellent customer service is important in one industry but optional in another?  My answer to that is a resounding, No!

Excellent customer service is essential to every business, online or offline, regardless of the market or niche.  In fact, I would go further to say, without hesitation, that excellent customer service is critical to businesses if you want to succeed in today’s economy. It’s the lifeblood of your business and you must be prepared to go the extra mile. But the question may be, ‘How can you deliver excellent customer service through your website?’

Excellent customer service and a good customer experience begin right at the first point of contact. It happens when your prospect meets you, when they visit your website or your social media page,  or any other online properties you have. That means everything from navigation to your personal and/or company brand play a role in their experience. Continue reading

Why Dispel the Myth of Multi-Tasking

dispel the myth of multi-taskingHave you ever had the experience where you were busy from morning until late evening but at the end of the day, you had very little to show for the hours you spent ‘working’?  If you work from your home office and you tell your family how tired you are because you were working all day, could you show what you did?  If you were your boss, would she feel you were productive and deserving of payment, or were you just busy? 

The Myth of Multi-Tasking

For years the ability to multi-task was like a badge that people wore proudly.  Employees were considered excellent workers if they could be typing on their computer, answering the phone and taking notes at the same time.

Women who worked from home proudly spoke about their ability to speak with a client on the phone while loading the washing machine or unloading the dryer. Continue reading

Welcome! Are you Ready to Create Success Mindset and Empower Yourself for Growth In Your Business?

Yvonne A Jones, Coach and MentorAre you a highly-motivated Entrepreneur 50 and Wiser? 

Are you experiencing less than stellar results in your personal development and business growth?

Are you frustrated because you really want to grow your business but seem to be stuck because of limiting beliefs or lack of systems?

Mindset is the most critical element to success and survival in your business. Do you have a growth or success mindset that empowers you to think like the CEO of your business?

My name is Yvonne A Jones. I am an Empowerment Coach and Mentor, and Founder of 50 and Wiser Coaching.

I work with highly-motivated entrepreneurs and business owners to develop and create  a success mindset so they create strategies, build systems, and get results fast!

Continue reading

7 Tips to Create a Mindset for Success as an Entrepreneur

create a mindset for success“You don’t need a new day to start over, you
only need a new mindset
— Hazel Hira Ozbek

What does it take to create a mindset for success as an Entrepreneur? A woman may be told, “Change your mindset and you’ll see it differently.” That may be true. At the same time she may be wondering,  “How do I change my mindset?”  or, “I don’t even know what mindset is and how it affects me. How can I change it?”

What is Mindset?

According to Free Dictionary, mindset is:

1) A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations.

2) An inclination or a habit. Continue reading