3 Ways to Create an Online Reputation that Attracts Your Ideal Customers

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threeThe importance of creating an online reputation that attracts your ideal customers and clients cannot be underestimated. Advancement in technology makes the world a smaller place because of the various means of communication.   The Internet makes it possible to impact and be impacted by people ‘on the other side of the world’ at the drop of the proverbial hat.

You know that people do business with people they know, like and trust; therefore, it’s important that as part of managing your online reputation and allowing people get to know you, you create products that educate them, not only on what you do, but also provide information that answer their burning questions. You can do this in the following ways:

  1. Article Marketing: Article Marketing is constantly evolving, and is still a valuable way to acquaint people with what you do and build your personal brand. It’s a good way to let your ideal customers know how you can help them with the questions they have and the problems they’re seeking a solution to. The Resource Box is valuable real estate that should be used to lead them to learn more about you and the solution you provide.Another advantage of Article Marketing is that you can submit your content to multiple article directories where they can serve to attract your ideal customers that are outside of your normal sphere.  You also build your online reputation based on the excellent information you share in your articles.
  1. Blogging: Blogging, like Article Marketing, is a way to educate your audience. Becoming part of the blogosphere allows you to connect with your customers – you can answer their questions and address their pain points. By having a comment box that is active on your blog, this allows your customers and potential questions to ask you specific questions and for you to provide specific answers.  You can also expand on your answer by writing a blog post that can benefit even more people. It also allows you to get your name out to others bloggers and connect with them and build a relationship.The key is to blog about content that will appeal to you ideal customers. This will help to create an online reputation that attracts your ideal customers and make them want to learn more from you.
  2. Monitor what others are saying about you:The people who become customers usually do so after they’ve spent some time getting to know you.  They may do this through opting into your list and receiving emails from you.  Or they may get to know you through social media posts.  However, all the goodwill that may have been built up over time can be destroyed in a moment by malicious or derogatory comments on your blog or social media platforms.Monitoring mentions of your name and company name online are a must!  One free way to do this is by setting up Google Alerts for your name and the name of your business.  There are also paid services that will monitor mentions like Beevolve which offers a 7-day trial.

Your reputation can attract your ideal customers or repel them, so it’s important to make sure that your online reputation serves you in a positive way.  Do you have questions, please contact me at http://yvonneajones.com and I’ll reply to you personally.


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