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Guest Post By:  Nancy Babcock

As a busy business owner wanting to keep your social media accounts updated with great content, time and money may be at a premium.

You don’t have time to take a break every hour or so to post content to your social accounts.

This is where Buffer App will help you to be more productive, in a few easy steps. Buffer App is an online social media scheduling tool that allows you to find, add, and schedule content across a variety of social media platforms.

In this Buffer App review, we will look at a number of fabulous features Buffer offers their users that will help you manage your social media AND save you precious time.

Let’s start with pricing an important consideration for any small business owner.


Signing up for Buffer is Free. Once signed up, Buffer offers several pricing options, from Awesome (2 team members and the plan I use) to Large Business/Agency (25 team members).

The Awesome plan ($10/month) includes 2 team member accounts, 12 connected social profiles, analytics, and customized scheduling. Perfect for a small business owner!

Buffer’s Small Business ($50/mo.), Medium Business ($100/mo.), and Large Business/Agency ($250/mo.) plans range from 5-25 team members, 25-150 connected accounts, deeper analytics, team collaboration capability, and priority access to business features.


The best way to get started with Buffer is to install one of their browser extensions, Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Grab the extension here: https://bufferapp.com/extensions.

Create a FREE account to get started. Connect one or more social platforms and you are ready to go!

If you’d like to use BufferApp on your mobile device, click IPhone or Android to get started.


One of the most important features of Buffer is the Buffer Dashboard. Let’s take a look at the essential elements in your dashboard.


Content Tab

The Content tab provides visual insight to your Queue (where you have scheduled posts), Content Suggestions (25/day), and Contributions (for businesses with more than one team member). A recent new feature to BufferApp is the RSS Feed Tab.

If you use a content aggregator like Feedly.com or Feedspot.com, simply click the Add Feed tab, type in a website or enter an RSS feed’s URL. View the selected feeds, choose your content and schedule the post–without ever leaving the Buffer Tool. Super Feature!


Analytics Tab

For Awesome Users, Buffer provides basic post analytics. Twitter posts, for example, include analytics for the number of Retweets, Favorites, Mentions, Clicks, and Potential (reach).

Businesses that sign up for the Small to Large plan receive richer Analytics and Insights that provides in-depth details in graph format.

Buffer sends out a “Weekly Social Media Report Card” snapshot featuring your performance metrics for the week and how each post and tweet performed compared to the prior week.

Schedule Tab

Buffer App users have the option to choose post schedule times or use Buffer’s pre-determined time “best post times.” Click on your local Schedule timezone, choose your schedule posts times, and you’re done.

TIP: Review your content queue prior to the first scheduled post of the day. On days where there is breaking news and events, moving posts around in the queue or evening turning posts off, is as easy as clicking the content and sliding the post to another time slot.



The Settings Tab includes features such as Link Shortening choices, adding Team Members, Reconnection of social platforms, Empty Queue, and Remove. 

Settings Tab (1)


FAQ – BufferApp offers a comprehensive FAQ Page for desktop as well as mobile Apps. Have a question? The FAQ Page provides an easy to navigate, comprehensive list of the most commonly asked questions. https://bufferapp.com/faq

Customer Service – On the rare occasion, I have contacted customer service, Buffer has been outstanding, both responsive and knowledgeable. Once an issue is resolved they send a nice follow-up email with a stoplight rating option.

Blog – Be sure to sign up for the Buffer Blog.  The Blog is a poster child for content done right. Buffer Blog offers practical and relevant tips and “how to” articles, as well as lifestyle, motivation, and technology news.

To sum it up, Buffer offers features and options for every business size and budget. From their Customer Service to App features, Buffer is a tool that will help you increase your productivity, save you time, at a cost that is within most business budgets. I highly recommend it!

Over to you! Do you use Buffer? What was your favorite Buffer feature?

Nancy Babcock | Founder, Owner                                                                                                    Creative Arts Consulting LLC

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    • Yvonne A Jones on said:

      Nancy, It is my pleasure and honor to have your very detailed post on my blog. Thank you.

    • Yvonne A Jones on said:

      Patricia, you’re clearly an early adopter 🙂 and it great to know you’ve had an excellent experience using the App and had great results with their customer service. Very good to know. Thank you for sharing!

  1. Very helpful post, Nancy! As a Hootsuite user, I’ve wondered about Buffer and what some of the differences and advantages are. Your review answered a lot of my questions. Thanks for spelling it out. I’ll have to give Buffer a try!
    Michelle Phillips recently posted…How to Style WordPress Mobile Nav PluginMy Profile

    • Yvonne A Jones on said:

      Thanks for liking Nancy’s post and leaving a comment, Michelle. I was honored that she took the time and attention to make the Buffer App so much clearer for many of us.

    • Yvonne A Jones on said:

      I still consider myself a Buffer newbie, Paola, but love the features I’ve used so far. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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