How to Build an Email List as an Asset in Your Business

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how to build email listWhen you build an email list, it becomes the number one asset in your business.  In some circles, an email list is referred to as your opt-in list.  They are one and the same.  Building an email list should be your number one priority.

As a business owner your goals should not be just to build a list of subscribers. Instead you want to build an email list comprised of a responsive list of subscribers.  By their responses to your questions and offers, and to the extent that they engage with you, this is what helps to determine if you have a responsive email list.

Offline businesses should also create opportunities to build an email list.  For example, if you own a pizza restaurant you can follow-up with customers and send them special offers that are not offered to the general public.

How to Build an Email List

Contests:  Contests are great for attracting subscribers.  The puzzle, game, or task should be easy and straightforward so that you do not frustrate the customer and you still get their email address in the end.

EBook:  A great incentive to collect email addresses is a free eBook.  It does not have to be 50 or 100 pages long, it can be just 10 pages.  However, it must contain valuable content that people would pay for.  It should also provide an answer or solution to a problem that the people in your market have.

ECourse:  This is a great way to provide valuable information over a period of time.  It could be a 7-day ecourse which you deliver over a 7-day period or you could send an email every other day so it’s delivered over 14 days. You could then bundle all the emails into one report so that the subscriber has all the pieces together.

Surveys:  Surveying the customer is a great way to collect email addresses. You can find out what the customer likes/dislikes, and what their problems and concerns are.

In each case you’ll structure the offer so that the visitor will give you his or her name and email in exchange for entering or to download the product.

how to build an email list

Ways To Get The Message Out About Your Offer

  • Advertise your opt-in offer in an e-zine or classified ad. It actually doesn’t cost tons of money and if you find the right place to advertise, you could see dramatic results.
  • Email signatures, or electronic signatures, also referred to as a sig file is a three to six line footer that you can add to the bottom of each email message you send out with your name, company and a free report with a link attached.
  • In order to track your results and know where your best results are coming from, you can create different unique links for each social medial platform, for example. You can also clone the websites with the same goal.  You’ll have specific links going to each website.

Email Marketing Service

In order to build an email list you will need a landing page or opt-in page and an autoresponder, which is provided by an email marketing service. There are many autoresponder services available like Constant Contact, MailChimp, and Aweber.  My email marketing service of choice, which I’ve used since 2008, and highly recommend is Aweber.

Protect Your Email List

Once you’ve started building your list, protect it! Don’t over-sell or send out emails just for the sake of sending out a daily email.  Be vigilant about being selective with other peoples’ product that you share with your subscribers.  They’ll often purchase it because you recommended the item.  Be sure to promote only products and services that you’ve read or tried, or already know the quality of work that’s generated by the other person.  Your subscriber’s trust in you should be valued.

Many individuals have expressed regret that they did not start building an email list as soon as they started their business.  If you’ve not done so, begin building your email list as soon as possible.

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