Build Relationships with Customers and See Your Business Grow

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All lasting business is built on friendship” is a quotation from Alfred A. Montopert.  Do you agree?  Every successful business is built on relationships.  It may not appear to be a realistic statement, but in reality when you do a careful analysis, you’ll see that the gradual progression starts from when you build relationships with customers, become their friends, or at the least someone they trust, this opens you up to clearing a path that can lead to business growth and success.

This is the kind of relationship that businesses should seek to develop with their customers from the outset.  Small businesses especially can get an even greater handle on building relationships with their customers as they have the advantage of being able to communicate with a smaller group of people. If they are a brick and mortar business, they have the further advantage of face to face contact.

Loyal Customer and Raving Fan

Recently I was at a networking event and a gentleman began talking about his bank.  He went on and on and the expression on his face was a delight to see.    Read more>>>

How do you manage customer relationships in your business?  Do you have a system or do you just go with the flow?

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