Build Your Email List with 5 List-Building Strategies

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email list-building strategiesEvery business, online or offline, can benefit from having a list of subscribers who raise their hands to say, ‘Yes, I want to hear from you.’ List-building is one of the activities that must be embraced in your online business (or the online part of your business) in order to have a greater measure of success.  Seth Godin, refers to this as permission-based marketing.

What problem do you solve?

One of the first things you must determine when you start your business is who your ideal client is. Who are you going to serve and who can benefit from what you’re going to share with them? Once you have a clear picture then you can proceed to create the product that will solve your reader’s problems.

List-building strategies

The following are five list-building strategies you can use to build your list of subscribers:

  1. Opt-in box or subscription box: You can place one or more opt-in boxes on your blog or website.  The key is to make at least one of them appear above the fold on your website and be readily seen.  Make it eye-catching by using bold arrows and text that clearly states what the reader should do.  You may also add another opt-in box at the end of each page so that if someone gets distracted and forgets to sign up, you give them another reminder at the end of the post
  2.  Email Service Provider: Make sure that your opt-in box is connected to an email service that meets the CAN SPAM Act.  One important clause of the Act is that your email must give recipients an opt-out method.  Never send emails from your private email address.  The service I use and recommend is AWeber.
  3. Create a landing page: Whether you create a separate landing page where the only option readers have is to subscribe or not to subscribe, or use the opt-in boxes mentioned above, you have to entice them with a valuable offer.  Gone are the days when people readily signed up just for Newsletters.  You offer has to provide value and answer a burning question or solve a pain they’re experiencing.  Make it an irresistible offer! It can be an e-book, an MP3, a video training series, or an e-Course.
  4. Good Content: Once they are on your list you want to keep them there so they don’t unsubscribe as soon as they’ve downloaded your offer.  This is where content marketing is critical.  Research and write content that your market is interested in. In this way, not only will you keep your subscribers happy, you will also boost the amount of people who will recommend you and the information you provide to their friends.
  5. Update your blog/website: Update your blog frequently and consistently and include a call to action in each post, or in several posts inviting people to sign-up for your offer.  Post your blog posts in various blog directories so that your posts get out to a larger audience, hence your call to action will get out to a larger audience and they’ll come over to optin for the gift.


You should be engaged in some form of marketing every day, so you should also be engaged in list-building strategies on an ongoing basis with the goal of adding subscribers every day or at least every week.

Which list-building strategies are you using on a regular basis?  Are you using a service like AWeber?

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