Deliver Excellent Customer Service Across Channels

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deliver excellent customer service

In today’s digital age and real-time economy, it’s more important than ever to deliver excellent customer service across channels. Customers have many choices, and in tandem with these choices are high customer service expectations.

Millenials, especially, are not prepared to accept anything other than excellent customer service. Micah Solomon, in the post, Millennials Don’t Want More Customer Service — They Want Different Customer Service noted that, “Not only will great customer service and a great customer experience often make the difference in whether a particular millennial chooses to do business with you, it makes the difference in whether other millennials ever hear the word about your business.”
It’s therefore incumbent on businesses to ensure that they deliver a seamless customer experience over various channels.

The following Infographic will show you some best practices for boosting your customer service so that you deliver an exceptional experience.

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Best Practices to Boost Your Customer Service Across Channels



Deliver Excellent Customer Service Across Channels — 4 Comments

  1. Great infographic Yvonne! I particularly identify with the customer frustrations, especially being passed between agents and having to contact the company multiple times. And great suggestions on how to handle customer dissatisfaction. Sharing!

    • Yvonne A Jones on said:

      Thank you for reading and sharing, Mui. I can appreciate your frustration as I feel
      the same way when that happens. The goal for businesses is to aim for one-time
      resolution and often can be accomplished by businesses empowering their staff through

  2. This was an excellent infographic Yvonne. I like how solutions were presented to customer frustrations.
    Great customer service is something we should all work on, seeing that we’ve all been on the receiving end of terrible service. Thanks for sharing this post.
    Davina recently posted…The Ignored Secret to Successful EntrepreneurshipMy Profile

    • Yvonne A Jones on said:

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Davina.Yes, we’ve all been on the receiving end and I had
      such an experience just today.

      People get annoyed when they’re transferred from one person to another,
      but what annoys me even more is walking into a business, like a store, and the employees act as if
      they are doing you a favor by answering your questions! I want to shake them so they wake up and
      understand if customers don’t come into the business, they don’t have a job. Then give them some
      training. 🙂

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