Fight Social Media Time Drain with Focus

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ToolsSocial media can be an effective marketing tool, and by viewing it as one of the tools in your marketing toolbox this will help small businesses and entrepreneurs fight social media time drain.

Why Social Media?

  • Social media offers high-level, far-reaching advertising at free and lower costs than just about any other type of advertising.
  • You can use social media to establish your credibility and expert status more quickly.
  • You can provide customer support and deliver real-time customer care while allowing your customers to connect with you directly.
  • Build long-term customer relationships.

The Importance of Engagement

A key element of becoming successful with social media marketing is to engage with your customers, clients, prospects, readers, and followers.  At the same time, the challenge is that in order to build momentum and keep the momentum in the level of engagement you need to spend time on the various social media channels where you have a presence.

While a high level of engagement is becoming even more important, not just from the building the relationships with your customers and followers, but on some social media platforms, like Facebook, the level of engagement on your page has a bearing on to whom and how they share your status updates.

So the challenge is: How do I balance the time I spend on social media effectively without allowing the time on social media to be a time-drain?

How to Fight Social Media Time Drain with Focus

The only way to fight social media time-drain is with focus. Here are five tips:

  1. Know what your goals are for each day and stay focused on that goal. You can watch funny videos or chat with friends and family in non-work time but not during the time you’ve scheduled for business social media activities.
  2. Decide beforehand what your limits will be. It could be a time limit where you will spend only 15 minutes on Facebook or 15 minutes on LinkedIn.  That’s it!  Set a timer and when that goes off, you stop; you’re done!  You could decide instead to set an activity limit, say, 3 posts, 3 likes, and replies.
  3. Have specific times that you go on social media. Just as some persons allocate one or two time slots each day to return phone calls, you could identify your ‘social media’ time. This could perhaps coincide with the result of your research that tells you when your customers are on social media as well.
  4. Automate: There are many tools available that allow you to set your status updates and posts to go out at predetermined times.  However, you must actually go on to these channels at least once per day to reply to comments and questions.
  5. Finally, you do not have to do it all yourself. You may have to learn to let go.  Train a trusted person whether in your business or an outside resource to speak in your voice and schedule your posts for you.

For the next 3 days, create a spreadsheet or just pen and paper to track and monitor how you are spending your time on social media so that you can fight social media time drain with focus.


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      True, Mike. That’s why a strategy and plan are so important. Thanks for reading!

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