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Blog ideas: Listen to your readersDo you ever wonder how “they” do it? “They” being those amazing bloggers who seem to be able to come up with great content to write a blog post three or more times per week? They seem to find new topics effortlessly while you may spend more time trying to come up with ideas than actually writing the post.

It really is not as hard as you may think, but it takes some forethought and increased awareness so that you can capture topics that can serve as a springboard for your thoughts in the future. That’s what those successful bloggers have done to increase their storehouse of ideas. Let’s take a few minutes to explore how listening to your readers can generate great ideas for blog posts.

Listen to Your Readers

If you’re driving traffic to your blog using various strategies like, social media updates, email marketing, and search engine optimization, you will get visitors to your blog. While many of your readers will not leave a comment, some will. When they do, pay attention to the comments and questions as they may yield all the information you need.

For example, if you’ve been blogging for a while, go back and take a look at the blog posts that generated the most comments. Was there a common thread or theme in the comments? Were many readers surprised about the facts and information you shared?

Here is a situation I personally experienced: I participated in a “blogging circle” and the post I submitted was about networking in your local area. At least 60% of the comments left by readers indicated that they never thought of doing that. Because they were blogging online or a lot of their work was online, some in crafts and sell of sites like Etsy, they did not think local networking was something they needed to do.

As a result, I will be writing a series on local networking – how to prepare yourself before the event, what to look for even before you decide to attend, what to say and do so you draw people to you rather than repel them.

So go ahead and scroll through your blog posts for your next or next week’s writing opportunities. You may also find that even if a post did not receive a flurry of comments, there is something you could expand on to make it more meaningful to your readers. Note: Remember to link back to your previous post so your readers can get the entire picture or message you’re conveying.

New to Blogging?

You can just start to write about your topic, but I also believe that one way to know what questions or comments people are making on topics in your niche is first, become an active part of the blogosphere.

This means finding blog posts on topics you’ll be writing about, read the posts and leave meaningful comments. Take some time to read the comments and questions that are asked on those posts to give you ideas of what’s important to readers so you can create your own helpful blog posts.

A second place to get ideas is to visit Forums in your niche and read the questions and comments. If you’re not already visiting forums, an easy way to find them is to go to Google and type in: “your niche or keyword forum.” For example: “pet lovers forum.”  Forums or Groups on Social Media can provide similar results.

Find forums that are very active and look for hot topics. You can tell these because they’ll have hundreds of replies. You’ll be able to tell how long ago the thread was started, and if it remained at the top of the forum for some time, the chances are good that’s a popular topic that could generate lots of interest on your blog.
There are many other sources to generate blog ideas and I’ve shared just some ideas that you can use to overcome to ‘blank page/brain freeze syndrome.’  🙂 In another post I’ll share additional ideas.

What sources or methods do you use to generate topics for your business blog? Please share in the comments below.



Get Great Ideas for Blog Posts – Listen to Your Readers — 2 Comments

  1. Yvonne, great ideas for generating blog posts. Paying attention to what others post or comment about on social media is one of the best ways I’ve found to discover writing content. Thank you for sharing a super list of helpful source ideas!
    Nancy recently posted…3 Ways to Improve Performance of your WebsiteMy Profile

    • Yvonne A Jones on said:

      Social media is a great place to garner information from, Nancy, especially because everything is basically in real time. Thank you for sharing what works for you.

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