Goal-Setting to Goal-Achievement : Create Your Path to Success

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“Achieving a goal is nothing.  The getting there is everything.”               ~Jules Michelet

Getting from goal-setting to goal-achievement can often be a winding path with its fair share of challenges. Many people set goals only one time per year and usually that’s around New Year’s Day; however, every day, every month, or every quarter provides you with an opportunity to set goals. Short term goals are essential to accomplish smaller, or even more urgent tasks, while long-term goals are considered for 6-months, one year, and even up to 30 year goals.

Often the focus for entrepreneurs is on setting business goals, but think of all the other areas in your life that you may want to change something. Areas like, family, friendships, relationships, lifestyle, health, or finances. If you desire a different outcome, the first step is to identify what you want to change, then set goals to in order to accomplish the changes.

Goal-setting is much easier than goal-accomplishment, and sadly, many people go through the same cycle every year. With good intentions they set goals but “something “ prevents them from achieving their goals and being able to celebrate their wins.

Benefits of Goal-Achievement

Because of this cycle, it’s easy to say, “Why bother?” Here are just five of the many benefits why this is a cycle you want to take action to break:

  • You will experience the pride and satisfaction of realizing the achievement of your goals
  • Your self-confidence and belief in yourself will increase
  • You will have proven to yourself that you can do it, thus providing motivation to achieve more
  • Eliminate some of the stress and anxiety from your life
  • Become happier and more satisfied, and experience success on your terms

Goal-setting gives you a long-term vision and provides you with short-term motivation. In so doing, it helps you to focus your attention and knowledge and organize your resources to serve you better. Thus, in order to take it from goal-setting to goal-achievement, you must devise a plan of action and then design it to so that you have a structure made up of small, and even, smaller steps that will allow you to effectively accomplish your goal.

From Goal-Setting to Goal-Achievement

Being able to set goals that lead to goal-achievement involves a number of factors. Some of these are internal, like, your mindset and motivation. Others are using the correct language, determining if the goal or goals are yours, setting priorities, the types of goals to set, and much more.

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