How to Attract More Reader Interaction to Articles and Blog Posts

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Good content is telling your story well.

Content is not in short supply by any means.  You can read blogs, articles; watch videos, and live streaming, like Periscope and Blab all day.

In order to attract more readers, your content must, first of all, be of excellent quality.  Secondly, while there is a place for general information, media outlets online do that very well.  Your goal should be to add value to the lives of your readers, by writing content that educates or informs.  The more your information addresses a concern your readers have, or solves a problem they have, the more likely it will attract readers and get read by more people.

Why Do You Want to Attract More Reader Interaction?

Have you ever poured out your heart into your blog post or article, and you just know that it’s going to be read by lots of people, they’re going to love the content,  and they’re going to leave great comments…but all you heard were crickets?  Not a peep from anyone!  Your Google Analytics (you do have Google Analytics on your blog, right?) show that people visited your website, and they visited the page the post was on, but no one left a comment.  It makes you wonder, Did they really read my epic post?!

Interaction by readers is desirable for a number of reasons:

l)    It helps to add user generated content. Very often readers will leave comments on my blog posts that add another dimension to the topic.  Sometimes as a result of their comments regarding the issues or challenges they’re experiencing with a topic, I get ideas to write a related post.
ll)     It helps to pull in more readers. People want to participate and see what everyone’s talking about. The funny thing is that it usually just needs the first comment to be written and others will usually follow. For some reason, many people don’t like to be the first to comment.

How to Attract More Reader Interaction

It’s not always easy, especially if you’re new to blogging, no one knows your blog is there with all the valuable content.  Let’s explore some strategies for attracting reader interaction because even if you have a loyal following, you always want to reach more people.  Your content can add value or change their lives.

l)    Add a call to action.  Your call to action could be in the form of questions, such as –

* What’s your experience?
* Do you have any advice on?
* What do you think?
* Have you ever…?
* What’s your favorite?
* Do you remember when…?
* Share your photo of…

By asking a question you’re giving readers something to think about and stimulating their mind and interest?  If they can build an emotional connection with you, you’re more likely to have loyal readers.

ll)    Ask readers to share the content.  I love to share great content as I know I cannot possibly write on every topic that my target market or network is interested in.  Further, there are amazing expert in various fields that I enjoy learning from through their articles and blog posts.  I want to share those people with my readers and community. But our readers may not think that way.  They may not give a second thought to sharing…so it’s important to ASK using statements like,

* Delight your friends by sharing this with them now
* Share this post if you agree with the content
* If you like this post, or video, just imagine how your friends would like it too.  Click here to share with them.

lll)    Make it easy to read:  Have you ever read something and have to go over the statement two or three times to understand just want the writer meant.  Either the words and phrases used, or sometimes the style of writing make it challenging to understand.  

* Keep is clear and simple.
* Include a lot of white space.  Large blocks of text will turn off your readers and make them hit the back button or use the “X.”
* When possible, break up the text with graphics.

lV)     Responding to comments is another way to attract more reader interaction. When you respond to comments you start a discussion. Other people may feel the desire to share their thoughts. If you don’t respond to the comments, then the conversation may stop there. Also, if you want to motivate more readers to chime in and offer their opinion, insight and comments, then always make time to respond to comments.

Failure to respond to comments, in my opinion, is like attending an event where you go up to speak to someone and they totally ignore you.  How would that make you feel?  You want to tell your readers that you respect and appreciate their time for reading and sharing their insight.  They’ll want to come back.

V)     Share a picture or video – We’re visual people. When we see a picture that makes us laugh, smile, cry or get angry, we are motivated to comment on it. Sometimes a picture or a video is all you need. It can say more than any article or blog post. However, other times it’s nice to include it with relevant content, and it helps to break up the monotony of text.

Content builds interaction with readers
VI)     Share a personal story – Within the body of your article or blog post, share a story. Take time to share something personal that relates to the content of your article. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or long winded. When you share a story, it motivates others to share their story. You can find yourself learning a lot about your readers and prospects when you use this technique.

VII)    Share on social media and associated websites:  Even before you ask your readers to share, you should do your due diligence and share your content on social media.  Be selective about what you share on the various platforms as each one has it’s unique style and followers.  Associated websites would be like,, Tumblr, Stumble Upon, Blogger, and more.

Thanks to many of my connections on LinkedIn and Twitter, especially, who never fail to like and share my content.  Are you in Groups on Facebook?  Many groups have days that you can share your blog content and once you show that you’re interested in become a part of the blogosphere and share other people’s content, they’ll be happy to do the same for you.

Increasing and attracting reader interaction is desirable for the reasons mentioned above, and more. Which of these suggestions will you implement with your next blog post?  An additional benefit of good interaction is that Google likes to see that.  It assumes that you have worthwhile information that you’re sharing, which will help to improve your rankings.

If you got value from this post, please share with your community and help them to increase their reader interaction.


How to Attract More Reader Interaction to Articles and Blog Posts — 4 Comments

  1. Yvonne, I appreciate your post. One thing that I never thought of is asking people to share my content. That is a very good idea. I do always try to comment on all post that I read, with the hope the content creator will return the favor. I am really trying to get my engagement up. I will share your post on my Twitter feed for you.
    Roy Miller recently posted…Boost your conversion: Grab Your Visitor’s Attention the Easy WayMy Profile

    • Yvonne A Jones on said:

      Roy, I’m glad you found useful content. Our readers, whether on our blog or on social media, are not always understand and appreciate the value of sharing, so we have to ask. Granted the old quality often raises its ugly head and prevent us from asking, but people naturally want to help and you have to guide them on what you want them to do. You are so goo at doing that, and in general others in the blogosphere will do the same for you. Thank you for your support.

  2. I know coming up with content for a blog isn’t always easy, but sometimes it’s harder to get people to read and then comment or share your work. As you mentioned, it’s weird that some people refuse to be the first to comment on a post, but I have noticed this trend too.

    Fact is: It’s better to be in on the action first.
    Duane Reeve recently posted…Follow the process I use to create blog contentMy Profile

    • Yvonne A Jones on said:

      Thank you for adding your words Of wisdom to the conversation. I’ve missed reading your epic blog posts that are filled with such great content
      and I noticed that you too were having connectivity issues – something that plagues me pretty often these days.

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