Is a Desire for Perfection Holding You Back?

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is a desire for perfection holding you back

You know, deep down that you should be doing more.  You could be doing more in your business. What’s holding you back from taking action?

What’s preventing you from making decisions that would, without a doubt, super-charge your success? Is a desire for perfection holding you back?

It’s easy to blame things, circumstances, and other people, but the truth is, the person looking back at you in the mirror is your biggest opponent.

Lack of knowledge is usually not the problem because you’ve taken training after training, and spent lots of money purchasing products. Some very helpful; others, simply shiny objects.

One of the biggest thief of dreams is perfectionism. The desire for perfection means that everything has to be “just right.” The challenge with that is that most things come up short. Nothing is ever “just right” in your eyes. As a result, it’s almost as if you become paralyzed into inactivity.

If the desire for everything to be perfect is holding you back, I can relate. For years, after I came online, I allowed myself to be paralyzed because I wanted everything to be perfect. 

A lot of this came from a belief I held on to since childhood. It didn’t matter how well I did in school, the same phrase was repeated at home, “Well, let your good be better, and your better best.” Only in adulthood did I discover those words were from an actual quote.

Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better best ~ St. Jerome

I took those words said by my mother to mean that it was important to do everything perfectly…and I did in corporate life and was rewarded accordingly. Over the years it’s become clearer that my mother simply wanted me to do my best. And I understand that now only because I had a wonderful coach who helped me to re-evaluate my thinking and mindset.

After starting to work online, I held back from releasing and sharing great content: ebooks, courses, etc. because of my fear that they were not “good enough” or not “just right.” I had to learn a new phrase, “Better done than perfect.” 

How about you? What have you been putting off?

Let’s look at that e-book you’ve been thinking of creating for a while. Would it make a difference if you took action NOW and made any necessary revisions later? 

Say you release Version 1. What if you were to be honest and ask your readers to let you know if they find any errors or omissions? You let them know that once you collect the feedback, you’d created Version 2 and send it to them? Even better, you could add some more meaningful content to Version 2 to make it more valuable. Do you think your readers would reject your efforts to be open and honest?

People love to help and support others. They do not expect perfection and often react favorably to authenticity and vulnerability.

If striving for perfection is holding you back, it’s time to release the chains so you move forward. Is it always easy? No, especially if it has been a lifelong pattern. You don’t necessarily need a therapist to take you back because you know what the limiting belief is. You may need a coach to help you move ahead or at least an accountability partner.

What imperfect action could you take TODAY to move forward?


Yvonne A Jones is an Online Marketing Strategist|Empowerment Coach and Mentor| Founder of 50 and Wiser Coaching|Best-Selling Author|Speaker. She helps highly-motivated women business owners create an empowering mindset and grow their business by building strong relationships. Contact Yvonne to schedule your complimentary “Double Your Results” strategy session where you will leave with a minimum of one actionable strategy or a Relationship Marketing audit. Email: or

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