Keep the WOW Factor in the Customer Experience

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customer experience As a business owner, you are delighted and excited when you hear and see that your clients and customers speak about you and your business everywhere. They do this online and offline.

Why would they extend themselves? What prompts them to speak of you in glowing terms? Simply this.  You have added the WOW factor in the customer experience.  This mix helps build customer loyalty.

The WOW Factor

 What is the wow factor? The wow factor is creating an experience for your customer that delights, surprises, and exceeds expectations. The key is making your customer’s contact with you an experience that produces a highly satisfied response on their part.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

~ Maya Angelou

The WOW Factor in customer service is a combination of what you do for your customer, but also how you make your customer feel.

Buffer Adds the WOW Factor speaks about how they changed the game and added the WOW Factor, “How about we raise the bar and say, instead of satisfying every person, we WOW them? We shower them with such love, friendliness and helpfulness, that they are blown away. So that they tell everyone they know about you and your awesome service.”

Three Ways to Add the WOW Factor

Here are three ways you can begin to add the WOW factor or even enhance what you’re already doing.

Respond promptly

One of the most frustrating things customers complain about is the lack of timely response to their inquiries or complaints. Many ‘sticky’ situations could be averted if complaints were addressed promptly. As time elapses, the customer’s irritation grows and it becomes harder to provide a quick resolution to the issue. By responding promptly your customer will understand that you are aware of his or her concerns and that you will address them quickly.

Offer something more than expected

Many of us like to receive discounts and coupons. However, customers appreciate a small gift even more because they receive something and walk away with more than expected.

In one of my past businesses, I provided skin care products, and I found that women were always excited to receive a gift-wrapped package in their order. They felt special because they knew that I had selected something just for them and something they would use.

Business owners with brick and mortar stores or offices can use ingenuity to make this aspect of their customer’s experience a delightful one.

If yours is exclusively an online business you will find that you attract more buyers to the products you offer, whether they are your own or products you are an affiliate for, when you offer bonuses. These bonuses may be short reports, checklists, of software that you have give-away rights to. They should  complement the product you are promoting.

exceed expectations

Under-promise and over-deliver

Keep in mind that once you have raised your customer’s level of expectation, you have to maintain that or it will be very difficult to add that WOW factor to their experience in the future. If you are providing a service, a good practice is to give yourself a reasonable additional amount of time to allow for any unforeseen occurrence, like technology glitches or unexpected interruptions. If you are able to complete the project under the stated time, you will have a customer who is thrilled to be working with you and one who sees you as someone who keeps his or her word. You will have wowed them!

Results of Keeping the WOW Factor in Customer Experience

Keeping the wow factor in the customer experience will result in loyal customers who become your raving fans.

Your goal is to provide superior customer service and create a powerful, positive experience that results in total customer satisfaction. Knowing what to do and what pitfalls to avoid can help you build lasting relationships with your customers and create customer loyalty.

Please share one of the existing strategies that has worked for you.

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