LinkedIn – Benefits of Publishing and Sharing Content on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn recently announced that it was opening up its publishing platform to all of its users on a gradual, phased-basis.  Previously it was opened up to a relatively few Influencers, like Richard Branson, President Barak Obama, Bill Gates, and so on.

According to says Ryan Roslansky, Head of Content Products at LinkedIn, “One of our big, strategic bets for the company is for LinkedIn to become the definitive, professional publishing platform…  We do this because we want LinkedIn to be the place where members can become productive, successful professionals – not just when you’re trying to find a job, or search for another person.”

What are the benefits of publishing and sharing content on LinkedIn?

Some immediate benefits include: your posts will get in front of a larger audience.  If you’ve been struggling to get more readers to your blog, this should change things; especially if you’ve built a large number of connections on LinkedIn.  A follow-up to that is that your brand will get more exposure.
I found that this article, which made some great points on the benefits of publishing and sharing content on LinkedIn.   Why and How you Should Publish and Share Content on LinkedIn –  You’ll see that a few reminders are given, such as:

–  It’s important to know your audience

–  Why you should participate in the Network

–   How you can take advantage of sharing tools.

Have you thought about the benefits of publishing and sharing on LinkedIn?  Do you plan to start?  Because this is relatively new, I’ve not personally taken advantage of it yet, but it’s on my schedule to start this quarter.

Please share your successes and challenges in the comments area if you’ve already begun.  If you’ve not and you need tips and strategies, just leave a comment with your message and I’ll be sure to share them as soon as I get started.




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