Relationship Marketing – Prospect to Client to Cash Workshop

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Yvonne A. Jones: Prospect to Client to Cash Workshop


Get Seen, Get Known and Take Your Prospect From Client to Cash Without Feeling
Salesy or Spammy

Attention:  Heart-centered, client-centric coaches, consultants, and online marketers.

You created your business to do good work with good people–and make good money.

You know you need a solid, sustainable marketing strategy–and you’d prefer to do it in a way that feels good, nurtures relationships and creates long-term loyalty.

No one wants to feel as if they’re constantly being sold to.

No one wants to feel that they’re just another number.

Your prospects, clients, and customers want to feel they’re special.

You want to make them feel this way too.  You are caring and compassionate. 

You want to grow your business in an authentic way.

I’ve got good news for you…the coach, consultant, or online marketer who wants to do good, make good money, and feel-good promoting it…

Marketing is No Longer About Fast Cash, One-Time
Transactions and Treating People Like
“Just Another Number”

Even in our digital age, this truth still rings true: People buy from people they know, like and trust. 

Enter: Relationship Marketing.

What is relationship marketing? It means marketing yourself in a way that gets you seen and known quickly through real connections with real people–like colleagues, influencers and potential and past clients.

But beyond that, relationship marketing puts a high value on customer retention and creating repeat buyers: loyal, long-term clients who love what you sell and (ideally) love to tell others about you, too. It’s the opposite of one-time-only buyers, one-time transactions, and flash sales. It’s about building a solid KLT factor, sharing, caring and giving long before the sale and long after, as well.

Relationship marketing is marketing that puts people first.

Relationship Marketing is the Most Natural and
Rewarding Way to Market Yourself Online

If you’re reading this page, you’re probably doing some of this already. You’re treating the customers and clients you have like gold–and maybe they’re already coming back for more or referring you to others and others to you.

But imagine what would happen if you added a strategic plan to your current approach?

What if you had someone there to hold your hand in a small group setting where we walk through implementation together?

What if you had someone you could ask question and never feel stuck in the process?

Just imagine some of the results you could experience:

Never stressing out over where your next client is coming fromnever stressing out

Being consistently booked in your coaching business

Recurring payments from evergreen products and signature 
products and programs

Being seen as an authority in your niche

Waking up to inquiries from ideal clients every single day

Receiving spontaneous, public praise which leads to referrals on a regular basis

Making a leap in your income and results

Having a business you’ve intentionally designed to last the long haul by focusing on customer retention and satisfaction!

That’s the power of relationship marketing.

The truth is, your job as a coach, consultant, or heart-centered entrepreneur isn’t just to do great work. You also need to make sure that your ideal client
finds you.

Relationship marketing is the easiest–and least salesy–way to do that, and feel great about it!


Relationship Marketing: “Prospect
to Client to Cash” Workshop
(PCC Workshop)

This new 4-module workshop will walk you through everything you need to know to get started with your own relationship marketing strategy, so you can build genuine connections, grow your client loyalty and retention rates and make more cash more easily.  

You’ll discover how to build your know, like and trust factor fast (without sacrificing your integrity), get out of your comfort zone and make powerful connections that’ll move your business forward by leaps and bounds, turn your current clients into raving fans, plus add more value to your offers, your clients’ lives and your bottom line, all at the same time.

Module 1: Build Strong Relationships with Authenticity

In this first module, we’re breaking down how you can connect with real people in genuine ways that don’t make them feel “sold” to–and make more money as a result. We’re going to dive deep into:

  • Proven techniques to build the Know, Like, and Trust factor
  • The biggest roadblock to getting ideal clients to care about you
  • The one thing you must do with your content to be seen as likable and trustworthy
  • Creating raving clients in a stress-free way
  • Why word of mouth is still your best advertising strategy, yet not the ONLY strategy

Module 2: How to Make Powerful Connections and Increase Your Visibility

For every successful entrepreneur, there are thousands who remain stuck. Most entrepreneurs are afraid to reach out and leverage the power of connections. This module is all about how making powerful connections with ease can increase your visibility.

Being uncomfortable is not a good feeling. We will discuss how implementing simple strategies can create mutually beneficial connections with people you like and admire, including:

  • Why making powerful connections is less about what you’re DOING and more about how you’re BEING
  • How to nix your fear of reaching out for good.–and
  • How seemingly small actions you can take will help you to start building rapport with your industry’s biggest influencers
  • A simple way to “get known” by experts quickly
  • The art of creating Joint Venture opportunities, and how to run a successful collaboration. (This is one of my favorite ways for growing my business).
  • Why speaking is one of the fastest way to attract more clients online and offline and ways to create your own platform
  • The one strategy that will put you on the fast-track to better connections with others and more confidence in your own social skills
  • Leverage the power of video and live-streaming 
  • How to make your connections count.

Module 3: Your Prospect Becomes Your Client. Now What?

Going the extra mile will help to make sure your subscriber won’t allow herself to be lured away to your competitor’s lower prices or other incentives. Being willing to under-promise and over-deliver will raise you above what most people do. 

  • Little-known ways to increase current customer loyalty and longevity 
  • The “3 Ps” of customer retention
  • Give more without creating overwhelm. Increase the value of your products and service–and your client’s satisfaction
  • Reward customer loyalty with creative techniques.
  • Make your clients feel special and delight them with irresistible product and programs that address their fears and frustrations and desires

Module 4: Close the Gap with Confidence

In this final module, we’re talking about how to put your customer first and still be strategic about your numbers. During module 4, you’ll learn how to create a repeatable system that gives your clients multiple, ongoing options for working with you and provides you with multiple, ongoing streams of income. Here’s what we cover:

  • Practical tips for filling the gaps in your sales funnel
  • The top ways to “level up” your offers and add new income streams as you grow your influence
  • Why and how to use your improved relationships to charge higher rates so you make more money without alienating existing clients
  • Simple tweaks you must make to your offers so you always have “something for everyone”
  • The most effective way to create enthusiastic brand ambassadors who sing your praises and become your loyal advocates.

Are you ready to join me in this Live Virtual Workshop beginning Thursday, December 7, 2017 at 2 pm EST/1pm CST/12noon MST/11am PST? 

Our Workshop will be held four consecutive Thursdays.  We will have 45 mins of coaching and 15 minutes of Q&A.  If you’re unable to attend all sessions live, you will have access to the recording and you may send your questions ahead so they can be answered on the call.  There will be no 1:1 training in this Workshop.  It will be via a small group.

You will receive all of this incredible value for a one-time payment of $47.00. The Workshop and bonuses are valued at a minimum of $147, but because I want to remove any barriers to you getting access to this training, I’m making this available to you for only $47. There is another reason for the low investment.  This is an introductory offer and I’d like to get testimonials and case studies before adding this training to my larger signature coaching program. 


  • An Action Plan for each Module to help you implement what’s covered in the training
  • An Exercise Worksheet for each Module to help you define your plan
  • Each participant will receive a link to the recording of all four Modules

A Delighted Customer is a Devoted Customer

Relationship marketing is truly the most effective, least salesy way to:

  • Increase your visibility and attract more dream clients faster
  • Create true connections with both clients and customers and colleagues who collaborate with and spread your message
  • Run a sustainable, successful business that helps people and providing the resources they need and love!

Don’t miss this opportunity to get access to this live training, which begins on Thursday, December 7 at 2:00 pm EST for four
consecutive Thursdays.

Relationship marketing takes time but if you put in the work to create rewarding, strong connections, you will be rewarded with more prospects, clients, and cash.

Will you make the decision to embrace relationship marketing as part of your marketing strategy?


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P.S. This course is backed by my 100% guarantee. If you feel you did not receive value, simply email me for a fast, courteous refund.

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