Platinum Group Mentoring Program

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Platinum Group Mentoring Program

Attention:  Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Speakers, and Authors

“Are You Ready To Discover What’s
Holding You Back So You Begin To Make
Money and Move Forward In
Your Business?”


From:  The Virtual Desk of Yvonne A Jones
To:       Marketers, Authors, Speakers, Entrepreneurs who are ready to take action and move forward

  • Are you frustrated because you’re not making money in your business?
  • Are you worried that you may have to find a job if nothing changes?
  • Are you tired of the daily commute to work, the office politics, and doing work that brings little satisfaction?
  • If you’ve already started a business, what is holding you back from making a full-time income, from attracting clients who want to learn from you, and clients you love to work with?
  • Are you challenged because you’ve put everyone ahead of yourself and you’re finally ready to turn your passion into prosperity but you don’t know where to begin?
  • Do you have a system in place that supports your business, or are you just “flying by the seat of your pants”?

If you answered, Yes, to even one of these questions, please continuePlatinum Group: system to guide you on the path reading.

When you do not have a system, you’re creating more work for yourself, making your business more challenging than it needs to be, so you end up spinning your wheels.

Without a system, you’re recreating the wheel every time and that leads to frustration. You’re also not able to measure your success or the success of clients if you do not have a system or benchmark in place.

In addition to lack of a system, your own mind can be sabotaging your success.

  • Is waiting for everything to be “perfect” holding you back from moving forward?
  • Do you feel like you do not know enough?
  • Is fear of success or failure holding you back?
  • Are you putting off, procrastinating, because it protects you and gives you certainty?

Which of these ‘faulty’ mindsets is keeping you stuck and holding you back from the success you deserve?

They are a lot like what held me back when I first began online, and for almost two years after I started my online business.

Let me tell you a little about me.

Platinum Group Mentoring ProgramMy name is Yvonne A Jones and I am an Empowerment Coach and Mentor who works with entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, authors, small business owners, and my favorite clients, Women 50 and Wiser. My corporate background is in Banking, Human Resources, Administration, and Customer Service.  I excelled, receiving promotions and various types of recognitions, including Employee of the Month more than once, giving 110% and receiving recognition for it.  Fast forward to owning three businesses and again I received different types of recognition and awards.

Then at the end of 2008 I started my online marketing business and everything changed.  It was being like the new kid in school where everyone else knew each other.  Not knowing what to do, I took class after class, many I was not ready for.  There was no structure and guidance because each class was disconnected from the other. I was spinning my wheels and going nowhere fast.

  • I did not feel I could teach others because I did not know enough. I created products but never put them up for others to benefit from because I did not think they were good enough for people to pay.
  • I forgot that while I was new to the online world, I had excellent skills that could be transferred to working online, and these skills had made me successful offline.
  • I did not think I could coach anyone because I’d not been online long enough.
  • I forgot that I had coached dozens of women to start and run their own home-based businesses, as well as run an HR Department that supported over 300 employees.

But… I was like you are.  Determined NOT to give up.

I needed guidance and accountability from someone who was where I wanted to be, but who, to some extent, had walked along a similar path.

I chose to hire some of the best mentors and coaches who guided me, mentored me, and gave me the accountability needed; sometimes ‘held me to the fire’ so I would not revert to the paralysis that can come from the desire for perfection.

Do you have a message that people are waiting to hear from you, but you’re not sharing?

It’s time to get unstuck, step into the light, and share your brilliance and gifts with the world.



The Platinum Group Mentoring Program

Following are some of the topics we will be covering.  We focus on YOU first then business development.

Having the Right Mindset is Critical

  • What does your mindset say about you right now?
  • Do you have limiting beliefs about yourself and your worth?
  • Do you have money blocks that may be holding you hostage?
  • Do you fear failure, or do you fear success?
  • Are you ready for success on your own terms?
  • Have negative habits created over a lifetime become a part of your DNA?
  • The importance of making a commitment to success in your business

Starting or Up-Leveling Your Business

  • How to Create a Marketing Plan, including clarifying your mission and vision
  • How to define and identify your favorite client?
  • How to position yourself as an Expert in your niche within 30 days
  • How to create a product funnel in just one month
  • How to determine precisely what the market will need in your niche
  • How to create emails that build trust
  • Why creating an Operations Manual is the best thing you can do for your business
  • How to use blog posts and pdfs in your email campaign to create high levels of credibility and trust – and how to sell through those articles and pdfs
  • Why your blog should be your home on the internet….and many more topics, including focus, productivity, and time management for entrepreneurs.

Frankly, I could list many more topics, and there will be many more. Needs will vary and topics will be taught that meet the needs of everyone at different levels.

Because this depends a lot on where you are in your business right now. For example, you may be like Paula who has a well-established blog and needs to learn how to monetize her blog. Or you may be like John who’s just getting a blog started.

This is going to be about getting YOU to achieve YOUR goals.

And the process will vary based on what you know how to do already, how easy it is for you to do each step, and so on.

The truth of the matter is this: you need a coach and mentor.

You will be working with me as your mentor.

My goal is to coach you each step of the way to help you achieve your goals.

reached the top of mountain

You want to finally make things happen so that you have the success you deserve.





How would it feel if you were to achieve and exceed your financial goals.

What would it mean for YOU?

  • Would it “open a gateway for you and your family to have the financial freedom to do the things you want to do”?
  • Would your life go from “working a job to working a dream”?
  • Would it reduce stress in your life?
  • Would it make life easier in your family?
  • Would it allow you to help more people?

With my help you CAN get there, you can make the money you deserve.

You can. You must also be prepared to do the work.

You just have to take the next step.

Get started with me.

You will have a breakthrough by the end of the first session.

We will meet for over 40 hours through the course of the year.

Teaching you, pushing you, directing you, molding you, assisting you to arrive at the exact answers you need to build a thriving information business.

By the way, it won’t be easy. If you want easy. Easy doesn’t work.

It will be hard work.

So what is all this training worth?

Let me ask you this –

What SHOULD I sell it for?

You see, the knowledge is in my head.

How would your life change?

“Yvonne is an incredible business woman, who has made a positive difference for our organization. She is very supportive and driven by doing the right thing for the best possible results. Yvonne is always there; always with a smile; a great attitude; great customer service, and constructive feedback. I can highly recommend Yvonne for any of your business needs. She is multi-talented, and just a great person to know!” Barbara Hilton, Community Relations & Organizational Development Consultant, Trainer, Writer, Photographer

Would you feel like you have really accomplished something, like you have done something you could be proud of for yourself?

Over and above all the money, would it be personally satisfying to achieve success, to be able to say you “did it”?

My name is Eliana Keen, I am a qualified Counsellor and have tried to run my own Personal Development business twice in the past only to find myself going back to working for other people and feeling unaccomplished. However, there is a strong desire in me which is stronger than my fears and anxieties around becoming an Entrepreneur. I have recently started working with Yvonne Jones and as my Business Coach and Mentor, I am finally building the foundation I have failed to build before for the lack of understanding, guidance and structure.

Having Yvonne as my mentor is making a huge difference and the accountability element is essential. I appreciate there’s a long way to go but I feel optimistic and supported. Thank you in advance Yvonne for all my accomplishments and for becoming the successful entrepreneur I know I will become!

Eliana R F Keen BSc Hons
Personal Empowerment Entrepreneur @ Life by Design

Get started with me today, if in 30 days, you haven’t had the most amazing experience ever, and are not absolutely blown away by my training, get your money back.

So there’s no risk. You can cancel at any point.

You have nothing to lose.

You can get started for just:

$97 a month

with no obligation . . . you can literally stop anytime you want:

  • You will get to work with me personally for one full year.
  • You will receive one new training four days each month for as long as you remain enrolled (over 40 hours of training each year, delivered weekly)
  • PLUS – you will get more than 20 hours of additional training as a BONUS
  • AND – you get to talk with me personally every week that we meet over the course of the next year.
  • The full value of all of this, if I were to sell it all separately, is well over $10,000

AND – it’s fully guaranteed, fully refundable if you don’t get results when you do what I teach. You have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Now – I have to say this: if you don’t do the work, you won’t make the money. I am going to give you very specific weekly instructions, exactly what to do each week to help you achieve your goals. And of course, as you are selling products and enrolling people in your own coaching program, you will be making money along the way.

How would it feel to work personally with me like this?

Here is what some of my clients and subscribers have told me it would feel like to work personally with me:

“EXCEPTIONAL COACHING with Heart & Content! Thank You, Yvonne! What wonderful Coaching & Virtual Brainstorming… not only with a couple more creative-next-step options, but also with specific suggestions to improve my Unique Essence Branding Services — which will ultimately sharpen my branding’s visibility & content. You are truly a GEM. Thanks Again.”

—Gratefully, Jo Ann Goldsmith / Design Branding Expert.

How much faster could you achieve your goals by working with someone who’s been there and done that?

Are you ready to make changes in your life?

Excellent – go ahead, sign up now.

 Get started today for just:

$97 a month

AND – it’s fully guaranteed, fully refundable if you don’t get results when you do what I teach.

Get started now for just $97 a month for  mentoring with personal coaching.

Go ahead – you know this training is worth every cent, it’s 100% guaranteed.