Productivity Tips for Busy Professionals – Infographic

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productivity tipsIf you were to do a survey of business professionals, you’re likely to find that whether they work as INTRApreneurs in a corporate office, or they work for themselves as ENTREpreneurs and small business owners, they experience, at some point, a challenge with productivity.

It may be argued that working in a structured environment, like a brick and mortar office or business allows for more productivity than, say, working from home.  An important point to note is that productivity does not necessarily depend on where you are physically located.  It starts with your own mindset and what distractions YOU allow to slow down your progress.

If you’re in an office it may be chatty co-workers, lots of meetings where you talk about productivity but not enough time to implement, phone calls, etc.  If you work from home distractions may include, household tasks, unexpected visitors, checking emails, and spending too much time on social media in non-business activities.

Hubspot via created the following Infographic which gives 13 Productivity Tips for Busy Professionals.  I really liked the fact that they incorporated #3 with Personal Care tips because our health has a huge bearing on our productivity. 

Which points did you connect with the most?  Please share in the comments.



Productivity Tips for Busy Professionals – Infographic — 4 Comments

  1. What a great infographic… it covers the key areas of environment, personal oomph, tools and time.
    It is up to us to maximise each of these areas to be as productive as we can.
    There are always distractions and interruptions to focus… and my main issue is creating, products and content… just having the quiet time to organise my thoughts!
    We run an internet business from home, so my day, and evenings at home are spent in a busy office with phones, customers, admin, packing and a partner who likes to do business out loud!
    I can colour therapy my desk area!! … the rest is interesting!
    Light is important, and we now use day-light bulbs which give off clear blueish light rather than warm and yellowish… much better for working, especially in the winter and on gloomy days.
    Balancing everything is tricky, but I’m up for the challenge…
    Lovely post Yvonne 🙂
    Jacs Henderson recently posted…When You Were 5…My Profile

    • Yvonne A Jones on said:

      Jacs, I guessed from reading your blog and visiting your website that you led a very busy life, but just reading your comments tells me it’s a VERY, VERY busy one. We have a
      similar issue as my ideas keep flowing but having the time to create all the products that can bring solutions to your target market can be a challenge. I’m so glad you found
      the Infographic helpful.

    • Yvonne A Jones on said:

      I’m glad you found the Infographic useful too, Sherill. Thanks for commenting.

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