Relationship Marketing: How to Use Social Media to Build Relationships with Customers

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relationship marketing on social mediaRelationship marketing is a strategy designed to foster customer loyalty, interaction and long-term engagement. Developing strong connections with customers is the goal of relationship marketing and this means that the information provided to customers and clients should be directly suited to their needs and interests so as to encourage open communication.This approach often results in increased word-of-mouth activity, repeat business and a willingness on the customer’s part to provide information to you the business owner.

How to Use Social Media to Build Relationships with Customers

Social Media Marketing is one of the many marketing strategies that small businesses should be engaged in, and when done effectively, can increase your customer base, give you a position of authority in the marketplace, and increase your brand recognition.

In all likelihood, your customer or clients and prospects are already using social media, sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, and Pinterest. The challenge for business owners is to identify where the majority of customers and prospects have an active presence so that they can be there as well.

The benefits to using social media to build relationships with customers are many.

1)      Businesses that are active on social media and are using effective social media marketing strategies are able to connect directly with their existing customers and work towards developing new customers.

You are able to connect with your customers in real time and in a more dynamic and personalized way.  Direct interactions and contact with customers that’s engaging, interesting and co-operative both help to build up customer trust and create customer loyalty.

You have the opportunity to make your customers feel appreciated.  When you do this on a social media platform that they use every day, you will see an increase in repeat customer transactions!

One of the purposes of any business marketing campaign is to reach out to as many potential customers as is possible. Social media websites are extremely popular with online users, meaning your business will have access to a very large number of people to market to.  It also means that your message can reach large numbers of prospects at the same time. Take a look with me at some of these statistics –

Recent studies have indicated that Facebook has more than 1.26 billion users and that more than 2.5 million websites have directly integrated with it. YouTube sees more than 1 billion unique users each and every month, and Twitter has more than 1 billion users itself! More than 525 million people are currently using Google Plus and that number grows everyday as well.

2)      Social media allows you to create attention for your services and products. Any time your business offers a new product or service you will want to bring as much attention as possible to it. Social media marketing allows your company to showcase your newest products or services all over the web. It also lets you create a vast network of interested parties, through which you can create this attention.

3)      Social media allows you to interact with your customers.  With social media you can do more than just showcase your latest advertisements to your customers. It lets you interact with them. Online users are always bombarded by banners and advertisements, so they want to see something different. You can update them on what’s happening in your business and how you and your products can support them.  This also provides you a forum to address customer service questions and address concerns before they become bigger issues.

Understanding how to use social media to build relationships with customers is an integral part of doing business and one that should be included in marketing your small business.  It can be confusing to do it alone.  If you’d like to get some help on using Social Media to build relationships, please go to my Home Page at and complete the Quiz. I will get back to you within 24 hours.


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    • Yvonne A Jones on said:

      Nancy, it has been proven so many times that although people may not readily admit, we all want to feel that we’re important to others, especially to those with whom we spend our money. 😉 I know there have been times when I changed my mind about purchasing something because of the attitude displayed. Have you ever experienced that? Social media has definitely become a valuable resource! Thanks for commenting.

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