Seniors Use Internet Marketing to Supplement Income

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senior citizens use internet marketing to supplement income Are seniors ready to use internet marketing to supplement income? A few short years ago when I heard the term, Senior Citizen, I thought it referred to only persons 65 and over. Perhaps you felt that way as a younger man or woman.

With the introduction of Loyalty Programs at department stores, restaurants, and so forth, persons 55 and older are cheerfully and eagerly embracing the title of Senior Citizens or Seniors, as they enjoy discounts on products and services.

A saving of 15, 20, 25% adds up quickly and it’s nice to be able to save money. Everyone who qualifies should take advantage of these benefits. The reality, though, is that many seniors, and especially women, 55 and over, are struggling economically. 

In 2013 research revealed that Seniors were the fastest growing social media adopters in the United States.  Of course, most of the social media efforts are in order to keep up-to-date with what is happening with their children and grandchildren all over the world. But it also showed that seniors can, and have taken the time to learn how to use their computer and the internet.

Would these Senior Citizens be willing to use Internet Marketing to supplement their income?internet marketing to supplement income

Some seniors are facing retirement in the near future; some already had to go on early retirement reducing their maximum benefits, while others are already on full retirement.  Many recognize that what they’ve saved during the most productive time of their lives just isn’t enough to retire on comfortably and they’re looking for other means of income.  For some it’s just not acceptable that they have to wait for certain times to eat at a restaurant or shop at their favorite store on only specific days or time slots.  They don’t want to be pinching pennies to make ends meet.

Are you a senior who is ready to use internet marketing to supplement your income?  Many are already working from home on the internet and are successfully supplementing their retirement income.

The internet offers a number of methods to leverage income and experience, all without the startup costs of most businesses or embarking on new careers.  A lot of information is readily available (including courses you can take on your computer) about making money online so it’s relatively easy to find a path that suits your needs.

There is a caution, however.  Within the vast resources of information not everything is accurate. Further, you may come upon websites run by people who are not looking out for your best interests. It’s hard to distinguish.

When I started my online business in the fall of 2008, I had walked away from Corporate America and founded a company which I folded after two years.  Coming online felt like being the new kid in school. I had no direction or guidance on what would take me closer to the goals I set for myself.  So I took classes – one after the other, some I learned from, some I was not ready for, and some were mere rehashed information and fluff.  This changed when I connected with and hired a Mentor who gave me the guidance I needed.

If you’re ready to start an internet marketing business but you’re uncertain how to do this and have questions, please contact me to schedule a Complimentary Business Breakthrough Strategy Session.  You will leave the session with clarity on your goals, the beginning of a Business Plan, and action strategies to achieve your goals.  After our conversation, you may decide that Internet Marketing is
not for you but you can use your skills and knowledge in others ways to supplement your income. It
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  1. This is wonderful information you are sharing, Yvonne, and yes, although technology can be daunting to those of us who didn’t grow up in the online world, it is amazing how much we can embrace it and learn, so soon enough, it becomes second nature to us. It’s amazing to me now when I come to the U.S. to visit, to see how the age for seniors, has now dropped to 55 in many places. I’d also say buying into the ‘senior’ mindset isn’t necessarily healthy for us either. We can pick and choose how engaged we want to be and I do know that the online world can be a great way to create a source of income…at any age!
    Beverley Golden recently posted…Dietary Fat: Friend or Foe to Our Health?My Profile

  2. Yvonne A Jones on said:

    You’re absolutely correct, Beverley. I’m still trying to find another terminology to replace “Seniors” or “Senior Citizens” because of the perception it creates in the minds of perhaps the majority. Perhaps, Boomers? 🙂

    It’s fantastic to know that we have options to “pick and choose how engaged we want to be” which is our right, and we should take advantage of the many options that are available.

    Thank you for your contribution. Always appreciate your input.

  3. I would begin with creating a good website. This is amazing good knowledge about online marketing. Thank you for sharing it!

  4. Great post! I read the entire thing with full attention.Thanks, I learn a lot from it. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Hi Author,

    Your tips are awesome and worth following .Internet Marketing is really tricky and takes a lot of smart ideas. Glad this helped me. Hope it reaches other people as well.I will tweet Your post.Thanks a lot for sharing.

  6. A perfect timing writing for us. Thank you Yvonne A Jones for sharing such good ideas. It’s really important for everyone of us to cope with the virtual world as it is best platform for everything. Not only seniors but also all should try. Specially seniors when suffer from a hesitation they will be encouraged by reading your article like me and must be benefited.
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