Social Media and Customer Service Go Together Like…

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Social media and customer service go together like  hand and glove, horse and carriage, peanut butter and jelly…  And there are many more. Who would have thought those old cliches would fit so well with something so modern as social media? Of course, customer service is nothing new, but when you combine social media with customer service they ‘dance’ beautifully together.

I was doing some research recently and came upon this great Infographic at It highlighted several significant areas of customer service.  One  area I found to be of particular interest is “How Soon Do Customers Expect Responses on Social Media.”  A short while ago, the expected response time was four hours.  Not anymore.

According to the Infographic, 9% of customer expect a response in 5 minutes, and 12% within 30 minutes.  And there is more, like, “Which Social Media Channels are Users Likely to Post Comments and Ask Questions.  Why don’t I let you read it for yourself?  

Understanding how important it is to combine social media and customer service may prompt you to make some adjustments in how you handle customer service in your business.  This is not a passing fad and staying on top of it will contribute to the growth of your business.  Why not take a few minutes to examine the Infographic? Enjoy!

Main Facts About Live Chat Software [Inforgrafic from Provide Support]


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