How to Start Building Relationships with Other Bloggers

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building relationships with other bloggers

There are many strategies to grow the popularity of your blog. One of the most significant things you can do to realize this goal is to start building relationships with other bloggers. It doesn’t matter what your niche is or type of blogger you are, you are part of the larger community of bloggers, often referred to as the blogosphere.

Do not hesitate to build relationships with other bloggers

New bloggers often get intimidated by the thought of building relationships with other bloggers who are much more established in blogging than they are.  Do not hesitate to build relationships. Keep in mind that everyone was a beginner blogger at one point or another. As long as you can demonstrate that your content is of value, and that you’re working at communicating this value through your posts, social media, inbound and outbound links, among others, you should have no problem starting mutually beneficial relationships.

Be unique and stay true to your brand

When you first started blogging and marketing, you determined what you would blog about and how you would set yourself apart from others who were blogging on a similar topic. This should shine through the content on your blog. Your blog shouldn’t be a carbon copy of anyone else’s. It should be very clear that it is yours and your content is unique to you.   What this means is that the content must be written in your unique style and voice and convey your brand. Be unique and stay true to your brand.

Your blog is your “home on the internet.”  But that doesn’t mean people will flock to your “home” to start a relationship right away. On the other hand, you can position yourself so that it’s clear you’re ready to get out there and network with other bloggers.

Strategies that work for building relationships

building relationships with other bloggers

To start with, show an interest in what other bloggers are writing. This is especially true if you have identified the bloggers you want to follow, as well as influential bloggers you want to get noticed by. Become a regular visitor to their blog, leave meaningful comments, be visible on their forum (if they have one), and anywhere else you have an opportunity.

Social media provides a fantastic avenue for building relationships. Retweet and share what they post. Respond to questions they ask of their followers. Do and say things on social media that are sure to get you noticed, but avoid appearing to be a stalker. Do what can be perceived as being a natural part of building relationships.

It’s always helpful when you have the opportunity to be in a smaller group with some of these influential bloggers. Many of them run or are part of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Skype groups. Do what you can to join these groups – some of them are paid and some of them are free. Be a regular contributor, provide value and support. Go in with the focus of truly helping out and truly getting to know other people.

One of the strategies that I took advantage of early in my online journey in 2009 was to join Blog Challenges.  By participating in these Challenges, it opened the way for me to get to know many bloggers and as I commented on their posts, they came over and commented on mine, which increased traffic and gave me more exposure.

A current strategy that works well in 2017 is to join Facebook Groups that allow you to share your blog post one day each week, and in one case, an entire weekend.  Being consistent allows for other bloggers to get to know you and you get to know them and decide whom you should follow or align yourself with in your niche.

The LinkedIn publishing platform is another opportunity you should take advantage of to bring traffic back to your blog.  It  exposes you to additional readers who may chose to follow you so they’re notified when you publish a new article, even if they do not invite you to connect.

Ultimate results from building relationships

What are the ultimate results? While there can be no guarantees, the opportunities to partner, joint venture, and have people link to you will eventually arise.  When your content is good, online magazines and publishers could find you and invite you to write for them or ask for permission to reprint your post, resulting in more visibility and credibility, as well as traffic to your blog.

What other methods do you use to build relationships with other bloggers and drive traffic back to your blog?  Please share in the comments.






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