Why Business Owners Must Follow-Up

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Business owners must follow-up. Imagine this scenario: You attended a live networking event. You made some great connections, and you had a great conversation with one person in particular.  You seemed to connect on many levels and she had a service you were interested in learning more about.  She promised to follow-up with you within 3 days.

Day 1 and Day 2 came and went.  It’s Day 3 and almost the end of the day.  You’ve not heard from her. No text. No email. No phone call.  You’re thinking, “I really wanted to learn more about the service. Should I call her?”

You’re a confident person but this experience is beginning to make you feel a little less confident, a little devalued?  Then you start reflecting, “Have I done this to others? Did I ever meet someone and promise to follow-up but failed to do so?”

Follow-up is one of the most important aspects in the life of a business owner, yet so many entrepreneurs and small business owners find it to be a challenge. 

Reasons to Follow-Up

This above scenario focused on following-up after networking events.  However, there are many other areas where we as business owners need to give follow-up careful attention:

1. After a customer purchases a product or service

2. Building relationships in an email campaign.Nurture relationships in a direct mail campaign.

3. Seeking speaking opportunities.

4. Requesting to be a guest blogger

5. Follow-up to comments on your blog…

And the list goes on.

One of my favorite ‘go-to’ websites for short, well-written articles is www.businessknowhow.com.

In the article, “5 Simple Network Follow-up Strategies,” speaker and coach, Carrie Greene, noted that it’s important to have a follow-up plan even before you leave your home to attend a networking event.

I especially liked point #5:

“Just because someone doesn’t call back or respond to your email does not mean they are not interested.”

Reaching out one time after meeting them is not enough. It generally takes seven or eight touches before someone decides that they are ready to engage you. Touch base with them regularly. Continue to give information of value and interest to them.

When you follow up regularly and share information of value after meeting someone you become someone they trust. You will naturally build a solid relationship and before you know it the cards on your desk will become your best clients and partners.

Do you attend networking events on a regular basis?  Do you have a follow-up system?  Why not apply some of the points in the article to structure your follow-up so you’re more effective and have better results?




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