3 Characteristics of Entrepreneurs Who Build Relationships

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characteristics of entrepreneurs who build relationshipsThis post originally appeared on my LinkedIn account: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/3-characteristics-entrepreneurs-who-build-yvonne-a-jones?trk=mp-author-card


“The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.”— Theodore Roosevelt 

The need for entrepreneurs who build strong relationships with peers, employees or outsourcers, and customers or clients is essential to success. In this post, we will cover three characteristics of entrepreneurs who build strong relationships. These entrepreneurs maintain a positive mindset, demonstrate excellent communication skills, and stay on top of trends in their industry.

Entrepreneurs Who Build Relationships: Mindset

Entrepreneurs who build relationships know that mindset is an essential trait in planning and growing a business. People often think of mindset in connection with Personal Development and rarely connect it as an important trait for entrepreneurs. 

The importance of mindset cannot be minimized because without the proper mindset anything you want to accomplish is as good as dead, even before it gets off the ground. Persistence and flexibility are two major components of the proper mindset required to effectively run a business and build strong relationships. 

Why are persistence and flexibility so important? The road to and on entrepreneurship is usually not a smooth one. There will be ups and downs. And there will inevitably be roadblocks that come up from time to time. How you deal with these: view them as stumbling blocks or stepping stones, will make the difference in whether your business survives and thrives, or fails and disappears.roadblock or stepping stones for entrepreneurs who build relationships

Cultivating the right mindset will allow you to build relationships with your peers, your employees or outsourcers, and your customers. You will recognize that although you’re in business for yourself, there is no need to view everyone else in your niche as a rival or competitor, in the truest sense. You’ll recognize that you have strengths that others do not have, as well as weaknesses in areas that they many excel in. This can change your perception from competition to co-opetition. 

Having the right mindset will also allow you to avoid being judgmental of others, and instead be open-minded recognizing that you can learn from others if you give them the opportunity to share their wisdom and you give yourself permission to learn from them. 

Entrepreneurs Who Build Relationships: Communication

Communication skills are vitally important to any business, but online businesses especially need expertise in how to communicate through writing relevant content, social media and videos. Entrepreneurs also need to know how to communicate effectively with your business partners, network, and customers.

Communication – the human connection–is the key to personal and career success. Paul J. Meyer

Successful entrepreneurs, especially ones who work online, have to develop skills that convey their message authentically. This is why, although it may not be your most comfortable way of communicating, videos and live presentations are important to master. Using these methods to share new ideas, products, and services can give your customer list and sales a huge boost. 

Social media, with its various platforms, has become a significant tool for communicating with customers and clients. It’s also being used, increasingly by large companies, to deliver customer service. As an entrepreneur, you can use social media effectively to let your clients and customers know what you’re up to in your business. Share more than just business. Share some of your personality and snippets of what’s going on in your life so that your audience and network can relate and connect with you on a different level. 

Good communication also involves finding out, through one-on-one conversations and surveys what your clients and customers need and how you can better serve them. Take an interest in others and make them feel important by asking them questions; then listen.  

Entrepreneurs who Build Relationships: Stay Abreast of Trends

Continuous learning is not an option for entrepreneurs. You must cultivate the mindset that non-stop education is vital to your success. It’s been said that when you stop learning, your mind becomes a stagnant wasteland. Albert Einstein said, “When you stop learning, you start dying.” 

Doing business in the 21st Century requires that you stay on top of business and business trends. Traditional sales and marketing have shifted, and the same “old” methods are not working as well as they used to. Here again, it’s important to know what’s happening because different methods apply to different demographics. 

How about your relationship with your clients and customers? Are you still focusing on acquiring new customers, or are you using opportunities to create a great customer experience for each customer while you continue to build relationships with them? The ultimate goal is that you create loyal customers and raving fans rather than persons who buy from you on a one-time basis.

According to Kissmetrics, 78% of mobile searches for local business information result in a purchase. Now here are some startling statistics regarding conversions:

61% from a PC/Laptop

78% from a mobile phone

64% from a tablet.

Armed with this knowledge, is your website mobile responsive so that it adapts seamlessly to each of these devices? Are you in eCommerce? Is your website equipped to convert visitors, or do they have to go through hoops to make a purchase?

Never think you know it all, but be ready to read or listen to another way of doing things or thinking about things that concern your business.

To recap, entrepreneurs who build relationships must maintain a positive mindset, demonstrate excellent communication skills, and stay on top of trends in their industry. 

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