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Accelerate Your Success - Yvonn A Jones

Setting and Achieving Goals Have Never Been Easier…


Discover How To Unlock The Steps
So You Accelerate Your Success With S.M.A.R.T Goals

Strategies for Small Business Owners, Professionals, and Solopreneurs

From: The Virtual Desk of Yvonne A Jones,
Customer Relationship Strategist, Online Marketing Mentor

Dear Friend,

You have heard that goal-setting is critical to your success. You may have set goals a few times. You may have some goal-accomplishments under your belt.Accelerate Your Success by Yvonne a Jones

But still you struggle.

You may struggle with creating meaningful goals in various areas of your life.

You may struggle with your Mindset. It may be the fear of failure. Fear of not reaching your goals and then going through the process of feeling like you’re a failure all over again.

Your challenge may be different from any of the ones I mentioned, but I want you to remember this:

Regardless of what challenges you have experienced in the past…and continue to experience up to this point…

Goal-setting allows you to capture your dreams, craft them into action steps that can lead to accomplishment and goal-achievement.

Goal-setting can be used in business, personal finances, education, physical health, and a number of other significant aspects of your life. Regardless of what type of goal you are setting, the basic strategies or effective goal-setting and commitment apply.


Did You Know?

  • Setting goals is “the first step of turning the invisible into visible”?
  • 14% of people have a goal plan in mind, but these are unwritten goals?
  • Only 3 out of every 100 adults write down their goals on paper?
  • 92% of New Years goals fail by January 15th?
  • People who set effective goals suffer less from stress and anxiety
  • Show more self-confidence
  • Are happier and more satisfied with their lives
  • Have a focus and lead a more balanced life


My Story… It Does Not Have to Be Your Story

You do not have to be a statistic! You do not have to be one of the 14% of people who have a goal, but only in their mind. I was one of those statistics for years.

  • I’d had years of success in corporate life in Jamaica and in the United States.
  • I had successfully managed three of my own businesses.
  • I had been coaching women to start and run their own businesses for years.
  • Many people thought I was very successful in running my own businesses.
  • To some extent I was, but I worked much harder than I needed to, and did not always reach the goals I’d set for myself.

First, I did not see the importance of writing down my goals. I felt it was enough to know what I wanted to accomplish.

When that did not work, I started writing them down…and that was all. I did not take the time to break them down into smaller steps, yet could not understand why I never seemed to be able to accomplish them in the time-frame I’d set for myself.

Finally, I learned about the process involved in S.M.A.R.T goals and the nine steps that are essential to accomplishing goals successfully. Once I implemented those goals I saw a significant improvement in the accomplishment of goals I’d set. Not only was it necessary to write down goals; it was also essential to break each goal into steps that were measurable and had a time-frame for completion.

As I tweaked the goal-setting formula even further, I’ve experienced more success and can confidently share these strategies with you.

I want to remove the vicious cycle of unfulfilled goals and resolutions that result in frustration and a feeling of failure. I want to help and support you so that 2016 can be your most successful year ever.

How would you feel if in one year’s time you can say, “This has been my BEST year ever?” This time it will not be a mere dream. It will be a reality as you get clarity on, and implement the steps necessary.


Why Set Goals

By setting goals you can:

  • Achieve more in your lifetime
  • Improve your overall performance in life
  • Increase your motivation to achieve most out of life
  • Improve your self-confidence
  • Increase your pride and satisfaction in your achievements
  • Decide what attitudes may be holding you back an how to eliminate them
  • Discover how to take goal-setting to the next step
  • Remember that setting SMART goals is a part of the process. There is still more…


With “Accelerate Your Success with S.M.A.R.T. Goals”
You Will Learn How to Set SMART Goals
and Achieve Success with Confidence


Accelerate Your Success by Yvonne a JonesAfter you determine which areas of your life you want to create goals for, the following steps are crucial to your success and allow your to achieve your goals with confidence. It’s important to:

  • Step 1: Visualize Your Goal and Write it Down
  • Step 2: Be Specific and Create Ways to Measure It
  • Step 3: Make it Attainable and Realistic
  • Step 4: Set a Deadline
  • Step 5: Define Your Why
  • Step 6: Set Priorities and Create an Action Plan
  • Step 7: Develop a Daily Habit of Success
  • Step 8: Have Accountability Partners
  • Step 9: Identify and Overcome Roadblocks


Are You Finally Ready to Go From Failure to Success?
Are You Ready to Leap from Goal-Setting to Goal-Achievement?

This 4-Module Workshop, delivered in Webinar format, is designed to give you clarity, create a plan, and achieve success in setting and accomplishing your goals.

The Workshop will begin on Tuesday, February 23, 2016 , and on the following dates at 6:00 p.m. EST/Jamaica Time:

  • Monday, February 29

  • Tuesday, March 1

  • Monday, March 7


Accelerate Your Success with SMART Goals Virtual Workshop

Here’s what we will cover in the “Accelerate Your Success with SMART Goals” Workshop:

Module 1: Why Create a Vision and Set Goals
The importance of visualization | How to create a vision board | Overview of the goal-setting process

  • Step 1: Getting the ‘Big-Picture’
  • Step 2: Determine what you really want
  • Step 3: Set your Goals
  • Step 4: Prepare your Personal Action Plan
  • Step 5: Review your Action Plan and Goals


Module 2: Your Profile and Mindset

In this Module you will uncover your specific Profile and:

  • use it to help you understand how it may have affected your results in the past
  • gain clarity so your results will be different this time


Module 3: Your Action Plan


  • Make the decision on which goal to work on 1st
  • Develop your action plan
  • Use Action Plans and Schedules for Goal-Setting Success
  • Set priorities for your action items
  • Getting and staying organized


Module 4: Dealing with Obstacles and Challenges


  • Q&A re Assignment
  • How to Manage Procrastination
  • Manage Yourself to Manage Your Time
  • Partner for Accountability


What You Receive When You Enroll in the “Accelerate Your Success” Workshop

  • 4-week Training via Webinar. This will be 45 minutes of content and 15 minutes Q & A
  • A Fill-in-the-blank 6-page Goal-Setting Brainstorming Worksheet
  • A Fill-in-the-blank 4-page Goal-Setting Must-Have Checklist
  • A Private Facebook Group for interaction

You will also receive the following BONUSES valued at $247

Bonus #1: A 35-page eBook “Accelerate Your Success” that you can go through at your own pace

Bonus #2: SWOT Analysis Worksheet

Bonus #3: Success/Failure Analysis Worksheet

Bonus #4: You will be able to attend this program when I offer it again within the next 12 months

This program is worth at least $147, but because I want as many people as possible to take advantage of the program and complete at least one major goal in 2016, your investment is going to be a one-time payment of only US$57.00.

Your investment for this workshop is $57.

Accelerate Your Success with SMART Goals Virtual Workshop


Had some questions on my marketing strategy and spoke with Yvonne. She gave me great advice and tips on what I can do to move my business forward, explained some areas of need. She was very thorough and on task. You want to move your business forward, don't hesitate to contact her for all of your marketing strategies. Five stars Yvonne.
~ June C, CCPS, West Palm Beach

Yvonne is very thorough in breaking down and simplifying information. She makes sure you understand the principles and concepts and that you stay on task. She helped me to get a good grasp on marketing strategies for online marketing.
~ Hope A, RD, LDN

Accelerate Your Success With S.M.A.R.T Goals by Yvone A Jones