LinkedIn Endorsements and Recommendations: Valuable Tools to Boost Credibility

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How valuable are LinkedIn endorsements? How do they differ from LinkedIn recommendations, and should you even care?

Since LinkedIn introduced endorsements in September 2012 many articles and blog posts have been written about the pros and cons or the merits and demerits of this feature.

The question becomes even more complex as LinkedIn account holders try to determine whether having endorsements or receiving recommendations is more important. According to LinkedIn, both are important. “Including endorsements and recommendations in your Profile is a great way to complement and confirm the skills and experiences you’ve listed while catching the eye of potentially interested professional parties.”

Not unlike the other major social media platforms, LinkedIn continues to make changes and just rolled out the Recommendations Management Page. This page will add an enhanced dynamic to your Profile. It also is a great reminder of requests for recommendations that you may have overlooked as I found.

According to LinkedIn, the bottomline is, “Together, endorsements and recommendations give a better idea of what you’re like to work with, where your true skills and passions are and what some of your strongest soft skills just might be. They also make it easier for opportunities to find you.” And what’s more, you can now change the order of the skills you’d like to be endorsed for.

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LinkedIn Endorsements and Recommendations: Valuable Tools to Boost Credibility — 2 Comments

    • Yvonne A Jones on said:

      Hi Freddie,

      There is just so much to discover about LinkedIn. I taught a class last night and most people had no idea that there are so many resources available. Thanks for leaving your comment.

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