Systems Are Vital To The Success of Your Business

systems vital to business success


This is a Guest Post by Deidra Miller

No matter what size your business is – whether you’re just starting up, you’re a solopreneur, or you have a staff of employees, good business systems are most definitely a best practice for helping your business run smoothly and grow. Business systems do include software, which is what many think of as systems. But they’re also the other more intangible ways that you do any part of your business. It’s how you do things.

As a business owner, you should get everything you know about your business out of your head and commit it to writing. Create a procedure manual (in either physical or digital form) and start writing out how you do things in your business. Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to get it all completed at once. Start with one or a few items at a time then add as you are able to. Just get down as much as you can, then you can always expand on and edit what you have written. Eventually you will have a complete, comprehensive manual. Continue reading

How to Increase Focus for Business Efficiency and Growth

How to increase focus for efficiency and business growth

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are always on the lookout for ways to increase focus for business efficiency and growth.  What happens when there is lack of focus? Does being focused contribute to less stress?

Being focused on one thing for a certain period of time allows you to do a better quality of work, and you get more work accomplished in a shorter time.  In addition, your creative ideas flow more easily. Being focused on one task at a time has proven to be less stressful on your mind.

Common Distractions That Reduce Focus

In today’s environment, the advancement of technology has led to each person having easy access to multiple devices.  Each device has multiple purposes and create different types of distractions. In addition, you’re bombarded with television, radio, the Internet, and social media. Continue reading

11 Ways Technology Can Boost Productivity

Technology can boost productivityTechnology is great for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and all types of businesses. Technology can boost productivity.

Technology has enabled millions of people to discover new connections. It has enabled businesses to expand their markets. It’s enabled families and friends to stay in touch, no matter where they’re located.  These are only a few of the benefits of technology. 

Nonetheless, technology comes with its own headaches—chief among them the extra work it takes to stay on top of all the tech we now manage. Happily, there are some smart tools that make it easier and less stressful for you to do the things you love and the things you want to do online, and they come from a source that you may not have thought of.  You may already have the main source at your fingertips.  Technology can boost productivity, whether you use it exclusively for business or it’s part of your everyday life.

These tools are called Chrome Extensions; they’re basically add-ons to different programs or apps you run and are designed to streamline and automate certain common functions.

The following Infographic will highlight 11 of these extensions and provide you with details on how they can boost your productivity.

For example, Your to-do lists: It sometimes can be hard to prioritize, but the Dayboard extension does it for you with a daily list of five to-dos and a history of completed tasks.

What other extensions should you use to boost productivity? Let’s explore the following Infographic for options that can make a huge difference:


Which of these extensions will you start using to boost your productivity?
To learn more about how to use Chrome extensions to enhance your Chrome experience, you can check out this eCourse from Betthany Petty:  Google Chrome: Apps, Extensions, and the Bookmark Bar.

Why Important to Clarify What Your Business Offers

clarify what your business offersYou’ve had symptoms for some time and it’s been confirmed that you have a heart condition.  Would you want to be treated by a General Practitioner, or would you want to be treated by a Cardiologist?  Most people would want to be treated by the doctor who specializes in treating the specific condition.  Why?  Because they understand and expect that the Specialist has had more training and experience in this area and they will achieve better results faster.

Clarify What Your Business Offers:  Tale of Two Stores

Please take another moment to go for a walk with me, using your imagination.  Imagine two stores sitting side-by-side in a popular shopping mall. One is your Go-To shop for just about everything. They sell garden tools, candy bars, T-shirts, car parts and baby bottles. Continue reading

Marketing Small Business Online for Greater Visibility

marketing small business online


Marketing – An Overview

The American Marketing Association defines marketing as “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.” Marketing is also used to create, keep and satisfy the customer.

For an entrepreneur or small business owner, marketing can be a huge challenge.  In fact, one of my associates who is a writer remarked to me that she wished that she could just write and not have to be bothered with marketing.

Marketing has always been an exciting part of being in business because there’s something thrilling about getting the word out about your unique business, product, or service. Even if there are thousands of persons who offer a service or products similar to yours, because you’re responsible for delivering that service, and you do it as only you can, it makes your business unique to you.  Your customers know and appreciate that. Continue reading