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Hello and Thank You for taking the time to consider Yvonne A Jones to be one of your featured speakers at your upcoming event, teleclass or conference!
The following is a list of Presentation Topics that Yvonne A Jones, owner of My Success Circle Marketing speaks on to groups, organizations and businesses in general. If you are interested in a topic other than what is listed here, please contact us and inquire.
All of these talks are best as a 60 minute presentation however we can shorten them for a 30 minute, or even a 15 minute presentation.

These presentations are designed for small business owners and entrepreneurs, especially persons who have been in business one to five years, or transitioning from corporate life to owning their own business.  They are designed to provide high value and motivation.


Topic #1

3 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty on Social Media

Every small business owner knows the value of loyal customers.  More and more business owners understand that being on social media is no longer an option…It a requirement for doing business in today’s economy.

But…Are you spending countless hours on social media and not seeing results?

Do you have a lot of followers but few, if any, are becoming paying customers?

One of the most important things business owners have to discover is how to get new prospects as well as current customers to their social media profiles.  It’s a proven fact that the more quality interaction people have with you on a consistent basis, the more loyal they will become to you.  You want to develop a strategic approach to what you’re doing on social media so that you can build and nurture those relationships you do have in order to attract, retain, and get referrals from customers and people on social media.

Social media and customer service are now intertwined, but it’s still so new that it can be a challenge to communicate effectively.  There are lots of do’s and dont’s and not knowing what these are can sabotage your success.

When you attend this presentation, “3 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty on Social Media,” you will discover some of the key strategies to bridging the gap between customer attraction and customer retention.

In this talk you will learn:

  • The #1 thing that you could be doing on social media that is turning off your customers and clients that you may not even be aware of.
  • The key strategy you should be doing to make the customers you do have come back again and again.
  • The importance of being positioned strategically online and how it affects your bottom line.
  • 3 ways to help you focus on what exactly you want to be spending your time doing on social media in order to build a loyal and paying following.

Topic # 2

How to Get Your Customers to Buy from You Again and Again

Topic # 3

How to Assess, Monitor & Take Control of Your Online Reputation

Topic # 4

The Power of Relationship Marketing to Build Loyalty with your Clients and Customers


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