Why Define Your Social Media Goals

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define social media goals for your businessMany local business professionals are not sure how social media can benefit their business, and their concerns are legitimate because social media takes time. Before launching into any social media activities for your business it’s important to define your social media goals as these will help you make relevant connections and increase your chances of success.

Key Factors to Consider

A primary consideration is: ‘What results do you want social media to provide for your business’? Here are two examples that show why it’s important to know the answer to this question.

1) Your main goal may be to increase sales and revenue; therefore your focus should be on improving your brand awareness.

Your method would be create content on a consistent basis as this will give people an in-depth look at what your business is all about and what you can offer them. When you are authentic and consistent, it builds your visibility, credibility, and reputation online. Companies that consistently update their content and engage with their followers are typically thought of as more reliable businesses. Therefore more customers and potential customers and clients may follow.

2) If your main goal is to use social selling to convert your social media followers into paying customers, you’ll want to provide valuable content that educates and entertains. A point to keep in mind is that you do not have to create all of this content yourself. You can find content that’s written by industry leaders as well as other great content writers and share these on your social media platforms, giving the authors credit.

In addition to content, it’s a good idea to consider offering incentives, such as a free report with content that people would pay for, free samples, service coupons, or anything else that would give people a reason to become paying customers. For a local business with an office or brick and mortar store, this could include inviting them to Like your page (Facebook) and the next time they come in they let you know in exchange for a small gift or a discount.

So the first step to engaging in social media for your business is to start with a list of goals and clearly identify the steps that you’ll need to take to achieve these goals. If you’re uncertain how to do that, then contact me for a complimentary breakthrough session where we can explore this together.

Social media can be advantageous to your local business as well as to other companies, yet without proper planning and assessment it can be ineffective. You must define your social media goals for your business.


Why Define Your Social Media Goals — 8 Comments

  1. Carol King on said:

    Your tips are so vaulable Yvonne. When I first started using social media I did not have a plan or a strategy and consequently my results were patchy just like my content. But when I realised I need to have a clear goal and an even clearer plan of action, things began to change. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Yvonne A Jones on said:

      Hi Carol,

      Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words. I’m so glad to read that
      you found out what you needed to do to benefit your business, and that this
      actually confirms the value of the information provided in the post– businesses
      need clear social media goals and a plan to achieve those goals.

      Have a fantastic week!


  2. Outstanding post, Yvonne. Clear cut goals in business are central to so many other efforts, like marketing. From my perspective, it’s challenging to set up a social media strategy for a client when the business doesn’t have clear goals. Your article did a great job of pointing out the key elements of defining goals and why they are important.
    Nancy recently posted…Google ‘Mobile-friendly’ Announcement Not So Friendly For Local BusinessesMy Profile

    • Yvonne A Jones on said:

      Thank you, Nancy. Yes, it can be very challenging, and may often require some hand-holding
      in assisting some businesses to understand how to create tangible goals and then create a
      social media plan that will support those goals.

    • Yvonne A Jones on said:

      Thank you, Jan. Great point! It all starts with goals.

  3. Adriana on said:

    It becomes so overwhelming to keep up with everything – social media campaigns are fairly low on the list, even though I realize they shouldn’t be. This is a good reminder. I think I’ll have to work on my ‘to do’ list and really nail down what I’m trying to achieve and how to do that.
    Adriana recently posted…Combat Kitchen Linen FatigueMy Profile

    • Yvonne A Jones on said:

      Thank you for your honest comment and feedback, Adriana. Yes, I definitely agree with you that having to keep up with everything in your business can be overwhelming, and there are times when social media itself can be overwhelming! Making a list of the areas of your business that are going to take you closer to your goals really help so that you give priority to those things. Then you may want to focus on just one platform at first and don’t forget that you can automate some of your posts with third-party software. Facebook has it’s own Scheduler. I’d be happy to share some more suggestions in a 30-minute Skype call. You may use the contact form on my website to let me know. 🙂

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