Coaches, Mentors, Consultants, Do You Have a Sales Process?

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ClientYou have the appointment with your prospective client, now what?  Your appointment is the first step in the process.  You may call it the enrollment process or the sales process but it really amounts to the same thing.

You now have an opportunity to get in front of or speak directly to your prospect about your products and services.  But it does not stop there.  Your appointment will allow you to build rapport so that she gets to know, like and trust you.

The reality is that it does not matter how great your products or services are, people have to first buy into you before they buy into your products or services.  This is especially true of coaches and mentors because you will be working closely with your prospecting coaching client or mentee for several weeks to several months.

Understanding the next step is critical and that is to identify the needs of the person to whom you’re speaking.  It never ceases to amaze me that people will invite you to connect on social media platforms and before they find out who you really are, build a relationship, then find out what your needs are, they send you a lengthy generic email telling you all about their wonderful products.  If you take the time to find out what people want and need then you’ll be in a position to share the benefits of your products or services rather than focusing on the features.

When you ask probing questions and really listen this will allow you to clearly identify and explain how you can support your prospect in a clear, concise manner so that they too will be persuaded to see you as the solution to their problem.

After satisfactorily handling objections, many people stop there and forget one essential part.  This is asking for the sale!  This could be framed in a simple questions like, “Now that we’ve covered 1,2,3 is there any other question you have for me?”  Yes….Question asked; answer given.  “Is there any reason why you would not want to get started today to improve….?”

Your prospect want to be invited.  A few will share that your products or services are just what they need, but the majority of persons, especially if this is the first time they’re having a one-2-one discussion with you will wait to be invited.  Sometimes it may not be at the level you hoped for initially, but help them to get started somewhere.  Once they see results they’ll want to work with you on a deeper level.  Do not sell them short by failing to do so.

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