Empower Your Entrepreneurial Journey with Big Thinking

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empower your entrepreneurial journey big thinkingEntrepreneurs and small business owners know the value of thinking big.

At the same time, female entrepreneurs especially have been cautioned to stay “within the lines” or advised “not to think outside the box.” Sometimes the advice comes from well-meaning friends, family, and associates. However, this type of negative thinking is exactly what contributes to entrepreneurs not achieving the goals they set for themselves and the level of success they deserve.

According to an impact study sponsored by EY on successful entrepreneurship, the  ability to think big and be bold came out as the number one differentiator between success and failure.

Since it’s evident that it’s essential to empower your entrepreneurial journey and grow your business with big thinking, why do so many people fail to achieve success?  One of the critical factors is negativity.

The Impact of Negativity on Success

Negativity is possibly the biggest killer of success. It prevents people from taking positive actions that will bring about real change in their lives. It stops them from having the confidence necessary to begin believing in themselves and their dreams. The following are some steps to reduce or eliminate negativity:

  • Focus on Your Successes: First of all, start by focusing on your successes. Reject the urge to focus on times when you missed the mark. Instead, think about the times you hit your target. Reflect on how that felt. Think about what people around you said about your success. Visualize how you felt and the emotions you experienced. Hold on to those emotions and allow them to fully replicate the sense of accomplishment you felt then.
  • Mind Your Mindset: Next, keep track of your thought processes. You can do this by simply making notes on your reaction to various situations that you encounter throughout an average day. Look for patterns. Count the number of times that negative thoughts crop up. Also, take a look at the content of these thoughts. Write down what you were thinking. The result of this audit of your inner voice will give you a fairly good idea how strong your negative tendencies are. Once you’re aware of that strength you can start to counteract it through intentional positive thoughts and actions.
  • Avoid Procrastination: Procrastination is a huge negative factor in your life and business.  At its heart, procrastination is born from a fear of real success and the changes that real success will bring. Being successful means that you’re going to have to change the way you view life. You’re going to have to change the way you operate. You’re going to have to change the way you look and feel about yourself. The easiest and safest route is to avoid all of the change by avoiding doing the tasks that will bring about change, hence, procrastination.

If this is you, you are not unique, by any means.  Being certain is one of the basic needs of all humans and so the desire for certainty may be greater than the desire to pursue the unknown, which brings with it possibilities that may not always be favorable.  Be assured:  you CAN have both. You can have positive outcomes.

Despite your best efforts, you may find yourself heading down into negative thinking.  It can only have a negative effect on your role as an entrepreneur – whether in your life or business. Be alert to this and immediately come up with three positive reactions or solutions that you can apply to the situation you’re facing. Think of this process as a kind of negativity intervention.

Finally, take time to recognize your self-worth.  As an entrepreneur, you are your business.  You must empower your entrepreneurial journey with big thinking. The success of your business is dependent on your willingness to keep thinking big and creating the space for big things to happen in your life and business.

Yvonne A Jones is a Success Business Coach|Marketing Strategist| International Speaker| Best-Selling Author who works with service-based entrepreneurs, soloprofessionals, and small business owners to help them get clarity of what they truly want for their business, identify and remove the invisible barriers that keep them stuck so they accelerate their business growth and enjoy success on their own terms.

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