Simple Tips to Help You Communicate with the Hearing Impaired

This is a Guest Post by Josh of who was inspired to write about communicating with the hearing impaired after reading my post on the importance of active listening. 

Communication is the primary human instrument that helps us make new relationships and stay connected the ones we love. Built around our social structure is the premise of verbal language and how it communicates our thoughts and ideas. Even the terms we use to describe intimacy between two people apply references audible phrases full of meaning such as “she/he hears me,” to explain how we feel our loved one or friend understands our needs.

The question then becomes what happens when these abilities and human interactions are hampered by hearing loss? Continue reading

Quotes From Les Brown That Motivate Me

Les Brown Quotes that MotivateLes Brown is one of my favorite secular motivational speakers.  There is just something about the way he speaks and what he actually says that invite me to examine myself.   

There are a couple of things I’ve adopted from his style of delivery and incorporated into my live presentations. These serve to break the ice and change the dynamics in the room at the beginning of a presentation. They work for Les and they’ve worked for me.

Quotes that Motivate

Following are some quotes from Les Brown that motivate me and that I’ve applied to my business – Continue reading

Why Business Owners Must Follow-Up


Business owners must follow-up. Imagine this scenario: You attended a live networking event. You made some great connections, and you had a great conversation with one person in particular.  You seemed to connect on many levels and she had a service you were interested in learning more about.  She promised to follow-up with you within 3 days.

Day 1 and Day 2 came and went.  It’s Day 3 and almost the end of the day.  You’ve not heard from her. No text. No email. No phone call.  You’re thinking, “I really wanted to learn more about the service. Should I call her?”

You’re a confident person but this experience is beginning to make you feel a little less confident, a little devalued?  Then you start reflecting, “Have I done this to others? Did I ever meet someone and promise to follow-up but failed to do so?”

Follow-up is one of the most important aspects in the life of a business owner, yet so many entrepreneurs and small business owners find it to be a challenge.  Continue reading

Networking to Build Relationships Online and Offline

networking to build relationshipsOne of my favorite relationship marketing strategies is networking.

While you may do the bulk of networking offline,  there are many opportunities online for networking to build relationships.  And by networking online, I mean actually positioning yourself in face to face situations. This is as if you were offline, except that you may be hundreds and even thousands of miles apart.

Social Media for Networking to Build Relationships

Social Media allows you to meet people who share your interests. It provides opportunities for you to reach out to influencers and others who you may not have been able to connect with in offline settings. 

Facebook and LinkedIn Groups allow you to connect with others easily as you can introduce yourself and participate in discussions.  Be careful that when you’re doing your introductions, you’re not attempting to sell what you do as this will be a huger turnoff for those who are just meeting you.
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17 Anger Management Techniques for Stressful Occupations

manage your anger

[Guest Post by Steve Johnson, Content Manager,]


In our everyday working lives, we are exposed to lots of different pressures, be it from colleagues, customers or management it can be easy to lose control and let anger grow within. But there are many different ways to manage and relieve stress and anger before it manifests into something bigger.

So if you find that you get frustrated at work or you struggle to keep your composure when the pressure is on, below we have 17 different tips to keep you calm and in control. Continue reading